Top 5 Android Launchers with Theme Support

We can’t get enough of the customization capabilities of Android. You can change the default appearance of the default home screen to application icons. The Play Store is filled with dozens of launchers and icon packs to change the overall experience to your preferences. And getting an Android app launcher with theme support is definitely a bit difficult.

Users opt for third-party Android launchers to change the theme, customize every aspect of the user interface to make a personalized experience. Speaking of a personalized experience, we can apply a theme engine for a new look at the user interface.

Phone manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei offer an integrated theme store for applying skins with one click. While Asus and OnePlus add the ability to change the accent color in the buttons and notification buttons. This leaves us with the Pixel series from Google, other device manufacturers and phones running Android. This is where third-party launchers come in.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the top five Android launchers that can help you change the look of the user interface, including the app drawer, dock, folders, and other items to your favorite color. Let’s start.

1. Microsoft launcher

Formerly known as the Arrow Launcher, the Microsoft garage app has been renamed Microsoft Launcher. It is now the center of attention of the software company as it prepares to launch Android-based devices in 2020.

The Microsoft launcher is mainly focused on the productive side, but it offers some of the best customization options. One of these functions is the theme engine.

You can go to Launcher Settings> Themes and choose from the different options. They include dark, light and transparent themes. It allows you to adjust the opacity of the blur and apply the effect to all screens.

Another great touch is the ability to change the accent color. It varies from different color options, including blue, red, orange, green, purple and more.

The thematic function is just the tip of the iceberg. Other features include my feed menu, Windows timeline integration, the news module, bing search and more. The app is free.

Windows 10 users will appreciate the seamless synchronization between phone and laptop.

2. Nova Launcher

Nova we don’t need a presentation. The fan-favorite Nova launcher is known for its excellent customization capabilities. You can change every detail of the user interface in the settings menu.

First, let’s talk about theme options. What can you change and how to do it?

Go to the Nova settings and you will see different sections to customize. Unlike Microsoft, Nova will not give you a single menu to manage colors. You must access each menu to make changes.

For example, we can go to the home screen menu and change the color of the page indicator. In the application drawer, you can change the background color, the color of the scroll bar, and the transparency.

Nova’s night mode lets you apply a gray or pure black theme to the search bar, the application drawer, the drawer icon and folders.

Other functions include gesture support, Sesame integration, hiding applications, personalizing the home screen, the applications drawer, etc. The application is free, but some functions fall under the premium umbrella.

3. Action launcher

If you think Microsoft’s theme style is too minimal and Nova is above it, you will find a perfect balance with the action launcher.

It offers a Quicktheme option in the Settings menu. From there you can change the color of a search box, the background of the action search, the application shortcuts, the background of all applications, the background dock, folder background, etc.

I like the way the action launcher kept all the options under one roof. It also allows you to change the transparency in all sections. You can see the live preview from the app itself.

There is a neat option to colorize your home screen according to the wallpaper. The application takes the signal from the applied wallpapers and changes the color accordingly. I prefer this all the time.

Other options include a quickdraw to access apps in no time (big fan of it), Google feed menu, gestures, context widgets, etc. The main selling point of the Action launcher is quick access to all applications and widgets with one click.

The action launcher is free, but features like context widgets and a few customization options come with a one-time price of $ 5.

4. Smart Launcher 5

All of the above options allow you to change the color of sections of the user interface, such as the Home screen, application drawer, dock, etc. And they ask you to go through countless options for the desired result. None of them offer ready-made themes from a dedicated shop. And that’s where Smart Launcher comes in.

Go to Smart Launcher Settings> Themes and choose the option to download themes.

With a single click, you can change the appearance of the search bar, the application drawer, the icons and apply a corresponding wallpaper.

Most themes are free, but some are also paid. So keep that in mind. On top of that, I like the way Smart Launcher 5 abandons the traditional app drawer and opt for a custom menu with app categories.

Other theme options include ambient theme, blue effect, dark mode, and rounded corners.

Smart Launcher 5 competes closely with Microsoft Launcher and costs $ 5 to unlock all the options.

Play with colors on Android

The default blue accent with the light / dark theme becomes repetitive on Android. For users like me, who want to apply different colors in the user interface, the above launchers give the possibility to make changes to personal taste. Use them and share your ultimate home screen in the comments section below.


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Last updated on February 3, 2020

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