Top 5 Fixes for Google Sheets Not Loading in Chrome

Top 5 Fixes for Google Sheets Not Loading in Chrome

Fix Google Sheets Not Loading Selected Image From Chrome

Before continuing, try restarting Chrome and reloading the Google Sheets page. If you still cannot access the document (s), refer to the proven solutions below.

1. Clear Google Sheets data

To fix website malfunctions in Chrome, clearing site data is always a good place to start. There are lots of (hidden and easy) ways to clear Google Sheets data in Chrome, but here is one of the fastest.

Step 1: Go to the Google Sheets tab and click on the lock icon in the left corner of the address bar.

Batch fix Google Sheets not loading Chrome

2nd step: Then select Site Settings from the context menu.

Batch fix Google Sheets not loading Chrome 01

Step 3: In the Usage section of the Settings page, press the Clear data button.

Fix Google Sheets Not Loading Chrome 02

Step 4: Tap Clear on the confirmation prompt to continue.

Fix Google Sheets Not Loading Chrome 03

Note: Ignore the first warning at the prompt; you will not be logged out of your Google (Sheets) account. However, if you were working offline on Google Sheets and recent document edits were being saved to your computer, you might lose unsaved edits to the cloud.

2. Clear hosted app data from Chrome

Data from Google apps (Gmail, Docs, etc.) that you use in Google Chrome is stored as “hosted app data”. When you have trouble using Google’s services on Chrome, try clearing “Hosted app data” from the browser.

This method fixed the issue for some Chrome users who had similar Google Sheets loading issues.

Batch fix Google Sheets not loading Chrome 04

Step 1: Tap the Chrome menu icon and select Settings.

Fix Google Sheets Batches Not Loading Chrome 05

2nd step: Scroll down to the “Privacy and Security” section and select “Clear Browsing Data”.

Fix Google Sheets Not Loading Chrome 06

Step 3: Go to the Advanced tab and check only the “Hosted application data” box. Finally, hit the Clear Data button to continue.

Fix Google Sheets Not Loading Chrome 07

Now go back to the Google Sheets tab and reload the page.

3. Use private browsing mode

Chrome extensions are great and they have their benefits. However, some extensions can expose you to security risks, slow down your browser, and affect the performance of other websites. If you noticed that Google Sheets won’t load after installing a new extension, turn off the extension and try reloading your spreadsheet.

Batch fix Google Sheets not loading Chrome 11

If you can’t pinpoint the issue on a particular extension, try using your Google Spreadsheets in Incognito mode – this temporarily disables most Chrome extensions. If Google Sheets loads quickly and normally, an extension is the root cause of the problem. You will need to disable your extensions individually (Menu> More tools> Extensions) to determine which one affects Google Sheets.

To open an incognito tab in Chrome, tap the menu icon and select “New incognito window”.

Fix Google Sheets not loading Chrome 15

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts below.

  • Ctrl + Shift + N – for Windows, Linux or Chrome OS.
  • Command + Shift + N – for Mac.

Proceed to the next troubleshooting solution if Google Sheets still won’t load in incognito mode.

4. Reactivate offline mode

When offline mode is enabled, you can create and edit documents in Sheets and other Google apps without an internet connection. The document is saved on your PC and uploaded to the cloud when you are connected to the Internet. Pretty neat, right? Well, this mode sometimes prevents documents from loading properly in Chrome.

As some affected users have reported, disabling offline mode and re-enabling it successfully loaded Google Sheets. Follow the instructions outlined to do so.

Fixed batches of Google Sheets not loading Chrome 12

Step 1: Go to the Sheets homepage and tap the hamburger menu button in the top left corner of the page.

2nd step: Then select Settings.

Step 3: Deactivate the Offline option and press OK.

Follow the same steps to reactivate the function; you don’t have to leave it disabled. Now open a sheet and check if Chromes is loading it correctly.

5. Update Chrome

Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome installed on your computer. And if you’ve downloaded a Chrome update but haven’t restarted the browser, you might want to do so. Like the user below, unfinished updates might disrupt the browser and performance of some websites.

Batch fix Google Sheets not loading Chrome 13

To update Chrome, just enter this chrome: // settings / help in the address bar and press Enter. Press the “Update Google Chrome” button to start downloading the latest browser version. If you can’t find this button, it means you have the latest version. You should read our full guide to Chrome updates to find out more.

Repair the leaves

Besides being effective fixes for Google Sheets loading issue on Chrome, these troubleshooting solutions can also be used to fix issues with other Google apps and services like Forms, Slides, and Google Docs.


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Last updated Sep 25, 2020

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