Top 7 Fixes for Android 11 Screen Recorder Not Working Issue

Top 7 Fixes for Android 11 Screen Recorder Not Working Issue

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Users face various issues related to screen recorder in Android 11. While some cannot record audio with video, others face quality issues with screen recorder. Likewise, for many users, the screen recording feature stops halfway.

Let’s check different solutions to fix screen recorder not working in Android 11 issue.

1. Restart the phone

If you could properly record the screen so far and it suddenly stopped, the problem might be a temporary issue. Just restart your phone and you should be able to record the screen.

2. Follow the correct steps to use Screen Recorder

You can access Android 11’s screen recording feature from quick settings only. In case screen recorder is not showing, learn different ways to fix missing screen recorder in Android 11.

Once you have the screen recorder in the quick settings (swipe down on the notification panel to access the quick settings), tap on the screen recording option to start recording. A screen will appear consisting of the screen recorder settings. Turn on the toggle next to Record audio or Show onscreen keys if you want to use them.

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Tap the small down arrow next to Record audio to choose the audio source for your recording. You can choose between device audio, microphone, or device audio and microphone. Finally, hit start.

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3. Disable force office mode

You may experience audio and video issues while recording your screen if the “Force Desktop Mode” flag is turned on in Developer Options. You must therefore deactivate it.

To do this, open Settings on your phone and go to System> Developer options. You can also search for developer options using search in settings. If you can’t find developer options, check out the other solutions. Under Developer Options, find Force Desktop Mode. Turn off the toggle next to it. Restart your phone and you should be able to record without any issues.

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Point: Discover five hidden features of developer options on Android phones and tablets.

4. Activate Notch

If your recorded video appears to be pixelated or overwritten, it could be due to the notch. Have you disabled the notch on your phone? Well, it’s time to turn it back on.

To enable the notch, go to Settings> System> Developer options. Scroll down and find Display Cutout or Simulate No-Cut Display under the Drawing section. Tap on it. Select Device default from the list instead of Hide. Restart the phone.

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5. Remove the earphones or headphones

If you are trying to record internal audio on your phone, you need to remove any connected headphones or other accessories such as headphones or Bluetooth speakers. After removing the accessories, select Internal audio in the screen recorder’s audio settings, and then try to record.

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6. Uninstall third-party applications

Keeping other third-party screen recording apps might also interfere with the normal functioning of the native feature. You need to uninstall them and see if you can record using Android 11 screen recorder.

Point: You can also put your device in safe mode to rule out issues caused by third-party apps.

7. Supported applications

Since screen recording is a new feature on Android 11, very few apps support it at the moment. So you might run into problems when using it in some applications. Even though Google doesn’t specifically mention it, you might not be able to record audio using apps like Spotify, SoundCloud, etc., also due to DRM restrictions.

Professional advice: If you are unable to record audio using Device Audio option in Record Audio setting, listen to audio through phone speaker at high volume and keep Record setting. audio on Microphone. This should do the trick. Of course, the quality of the audio will not be that great.

Bonus: Record Phone Calls Using Screen Recorder

Did you know that you can use the screen recorder to record phone calls? Just select Microphone from the Record Audio option and make your call on speaker. Here is!

Warning: Check your country’s laws and regulations regarding call recording, as such activity is considered illegal in many regions and states.

Record your activities on screen

We hope that one of the above solutions should have helped you to solve the problem that screen recorder is not working on Android 11. As a precaution, we suggest you clear the cache of services Google Play and reset app preferences.


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Last updated on Dec 5, 2020

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