Top 8 Cool Things About the Messages App on Mac

Top 8 Cool Things About the Messages App on Mac

iMessage plays a vital role in the Apple ecosystem. We’ve seen people stick with Apple devices just because their friends and family are using iMessage. With each iteration of iOS and macOS, Apple has introduced new Messages features and add-ons to close the gap with its rivals. The arrival of macOS Big Sur has brought much-needed changes to the Messages app on the big screen. Let’s check out some of the cool new tips for Messages app on Mac.

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The Messages app in macOS Big Sur has received a massive upgrade and is now a Catalyst app. This app will give you the same functionality and experience with Messages on Mac as on your iPhone or iPad. This includes support for mentions, online replies, pinning group conversations, and more.

1. Chat by pinning

The ability to pin a conversation looks like a simple add-on, but it makes a huge difference when you use it frequently. You can now pin up to nine of your important conversations in the Messages app so that they appear at the top when you open the app.

For pinned group chats, you’ll see the Memoji / avatar of the person who recently messaged around the pin, which is a good indicator of activity.

Pin messages on Mac

You can also see photos of the last three chat participants. Use a two-finger click on the conversation to pin and select the Pin option from the floating menu.

Want to delete the pinned conversation? Drag and drop it to the main conversation list.

2. Change name and photo during group conversations

In group chats, click the info button in the upper right corner of the window and select edit group name and photo.

Add a name by touching in the text field. Also, you can edit the image by choosing from the automatically generated images or by selecting an image in the Photos app on your iPhone.

Apple also lets you choose an emoji from the emoji menu. Select the one suitable for the group chat on your Mac.

Change group name and photo

Memoji fans will appreciate the ability to add one from the same menu.

3. Respond directly to a message

During long conversations, it’s often easy to go wrong when messages don’t appear on the timeline as expected. Fortunately, you can reply to a specific message so that the other person knows exactly what you are talking about.

Reply to message

In a normal or group conversation, hold the Option key and select the message you want to reply to. Our only suggestion to Apple would be not to muddy the rest of the conversation when using the Reply option in the Messages app.

4. Mention a friend

Posts on macOS finally get @mentions support. This is a long overdue feature as it can now be found in almost every other messaging app, including WhatsApp and Telegram. By using @mention, you can quickly grab the attention of the person you mention in a group chat.

Mention a friend

You can also type in the person’s @name, choose the right contact from the pop-up that appears on the name, and tag them in a conversation.

5. Customize notifications

In group chats, you can customize the notification to alert you only when your name is mentioned in the group chat. When someone tags you in the group chat using the mention feature, you will receive a notification even with the mute feature turned on.

6. Send gifs

Who doesn’t like gifs? At least we do. Messages app on Mac now allows you to search and send gifs without leaving the interface. Just click on the iMessage apps icon next to the conversation and navigate to #images.

Send a gif

Besides, you can search for GIFs and send them to the recipient seamlessly.

7. Use message effects

Message effects are an effective way to improve conversation. For example, you can use the Strong effect to immediately grab the recipient’s attention.

Send with effect

Some of the best notable message effects include love, fireworks, loud, invisible ink, etc. Of course, you should use them appropriately and only with people you know.

8. Input indicators

This is another feature borrowed from third-party apps, and we’re happy to see its arrival on the Messages app on Mac.

The indicator will appear when you are in the discussion list itself, letting you know when someone is typing a message.

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Last updated on March 31, 2021

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