Top 8 Ways to Fix Safari Can’t Find Server Issue

Top 8 Ways to Fix Safari Can’t Find Server Issue

Safari cannot find the server problem

While Safari offers speed, customization, and security options, it’s not without its issues either. One of the common issues is where Safari cannot find the servers and fail to load the web pages. This can be quite irritating as the behavior breaks your workflow and leaves you scratching your head.

We will talk about how to fix Safari server issues on iPhone in this article. Let’s start.

1. Check your internet connection

Before talking about the troubleshooting steps, please make sure that your ignorance does not cause this error. Make sure you have a working internet connection for flawless Safari performance. Follow the three steps below.

  • Make sure your iPhone is connected to a strong Wi-Fi connection.
  • Switch to your cellular data if the Wi-Fi signal is out of range.
  • Check if your iPhone is not in airplane mode.

2. Make sure you enter the correct URL

Normally, we consume articles and posts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But if you are still the old fashioned way and manually enter the full website url then you need to check the url. Even a letter error is enough to send your web request to the country nowhere.

Check url

3. Clear Safari cache and data

Have you checked the internet connection, web url and confirmed that there is nothing unusual with them? Then, Safari browser may conflict with data from previous browsing sessions. To fix this problem, you need to clear the data and cache of the Safari website.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone, then scroll down to Safari.

2nd step: After that, tap on Clear History and Website Data. Then open the Safari browser again and load a webpage and check if it is fixed.

Clear history and data

4. Disable content blockers

Safari offers a native ad blocking solution on the iPhone. You can download and integrate ad blockers with Safari browser and enjoy distraction-free reading experience. However, publishers are not fans of the current trend because it hurts their income.

As a result, many publishers have implemented a filter to detect the ad blocker on the player’s device, and if they find one, you will not be able to browse their content.

You can follow the steps below and turn off content blocker on iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on the iPhone.

Disable content blocker

2nd step: Go to Safari> Content Blocker and disable the service for the Safari browser.

5. Modify DNS settings

One of the main reasons you are having “Safari cannot find server” problem is unreliable DNS server to load a web page. DNS is a domain name system used in loading web page on the internet. Most prefer Google’s DNS server, which is more reliable and efficient to use. To check and change the DNS server, follow the simple steps below on your iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on the iPhone.

2nd step: Switch to the Wi-Fi option. After that click on the icon which is next to the Wi-Fi name.

Step 3: Then click on Configure DNS. If it is automatic, change it to manual. From Add Server option, add Google DNS server or

DNS settings

Step 4: Remember to press Save to save the changes.

6. Restart the iPhone

Many common iPhone issues are fixed by simply restarting the device. The trick differs depending on the model of iPhone you have.

For iPhone 8 and earlier, press and hold the Side or Top button until you see the slider.

For iPhone X to iPhone 12, press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons until the slider appears.

Turn on the device and check if Safari connects to the server.

7. Reset network settings

When you reset the network settings, all Wi-Fi passwords are removed and the DNS settings are reset. Network settings will be reset to factory default settings.

Step 1: Go to Settings> General> Reset.

Reset network settings

2nd step: Tap Reset network settings. A dialog box will appear asking you for confirmation. Tap Reset network settings again.

8. Update iPhone

Safari cannot find a server problem may be the result of a recent bug in the iOS software. Fortunately, Apple fixes critical issues quickly. A new software update may be waiting to be installed on your device.

Software update

Find the latest iOS update in the Settings menu and install it if there is one available for download.

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Follow the steps above and fix the problem of Safari server by Safari browser. If you get the error frequently, you can always switch to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Which trick worked for you? Sound off in the comments section below.


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Last updated on Nov 4, 2020

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