Top 9 Amazing App Library Tips & Tricks for iPhone Users

Top 9 Amazing App Library Tips & Tricks for iPhone Users

2. Use the context menus

Just like on the home screen, you can easily use Haptic Touch gestures (long press) to display context menus for all apps in the app library.

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Very useful if you want to open a certain function of an app from the start, such as a Private tab in Safari. Or if you want to quickly delete apps.

3. Display the List view

The App Library does not allow you to move apps between categories. It also does not allow you to create custom categories. It wouldn’t matter if the app library did a great job of categorizing your apps. But this is unfortunately not the case. For example, you’ll see Safari under the Productivity category, but Chrome listed under Utilities.

Instead of wasting precious seconds searching for the right category, swipe down to convert the entire app library into an alphabetically sorted list.

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You can then scroll down to quickly locate the app you want. Use the alphabetical strip on the right side of the screen to access apps even faster.

4. Hide non-essential apps

You can reduce the number of non-essential apps on your iPhone’s home screen pages by relegating them only to the app library.

Tap and hold the app you want to remove from the Home screen, and then tap Remove app. Press “Remove from home screen” again to confirm.

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Whenever you want to open the app, go to the app library, find the app icon and tap on it. You can also use your iPhone’s search feature (swipe down on any home screen page) to open a hidden app.

5. Add to application library only

Rather than cluttering the Home screen with new apps you install from the App Store, you can choose to add them only to the App Library.

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Iphone App Library Tips 9

Go to the iPhone Settings app, then tap Home screen. Under the New app downloads section, select App library only.

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The inclusion of the app library will forever change the way you use your iPhone, and the tips you just followed should help you get the most out of it. Also, don’t forget to spice up your home screen with other cool additions from iOS 14 such as the smart widget stack.


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Last updated Jul 30, 2020

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