Top 9 Ways to Fix Facebook Notifications Not Loading in Chrome

Top 9 Ways to Fix Facebook Notifications Not Loading in Chrome

Fix Facebook notifications not loading in Chrome

While too many notifications can be a problem in itself, not receiving any notifications isn’t a good thing either. There has to be a balance, and luckily Facebook allows users to manage notifications. We will help you fix notifications loading errors in Chrome browser.

Let’s start.

1. Simple fixes

There are common fixes for most issues. Go through them and move on if you’ve tried troubleshooting before instead of immediately skipping guns in Google search.

  • Refresh the Chrome tab where Facebook is open.
  • Sing along, close the Facebook tab, open a new one, and reconnect to Facebook.

2. The tab is suspended or deleted

Chrome is known to be a memory hogger, and Google is combating this problem by using a feature called Tab Discarding. Learn more about how to turn it off if it happens with you where switching to the Facebook tab automatically reloads it. Skipped tabs often don’t load notifications either.

Fix Facebook notifications not loading in Chrome 8

Another reason could be an extension you installed from the Chrome Web Store. Some extensions help users manage tabs, save and pause tabs to improve browser performance, especially on slower PCs. Add the Facebook tab or URL to avoid further inconvenience.

Proceed to the next solution if you can’t find a way around this extension and don’t want to uninstall it either.

3. The tab is silent

Maybe the notifications are working fine but you can’t hear them because the tab is disabled? Right click on the tab to find the option to re-enable it. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + M to quickly deactivate / reactivate an open tab.

Fix Facebook notifications not loading in Chrome 3

4. Chrome browser notifications

Each time you open a site for the first time, Chrome asks you whether or not you allow the site in question to send notifications. You can manage these settings in the browser later.

Step 1: Click on the three-dot menu and select Settings> Privacy & security> Site settings> Notifications.

Fix Facebook notifications not loading in Chrome 6

2nd step: You will notice a list of sites that are or are not allowed to send notifications. Facebook should be under the Allow list and click the Add button to add it manually.

Fix Facebook notifications not loading in Chrome 7

5. Try incognito mode

You will have to manually fill in the login information as the password manager extension will not work just like other extensions. One of the extensions is a Facebook tab that prevents it from loading and showing notifications. None of the extensions work in incognito mode and when you close the tab, no traces are left.

6. Disconnect all devices

Facebook has a setting that allows users to sign out of all other devices they’re signed in to. This step can help resolve account issues and a security feature if you have reason to believe your account has been hacked.

Step 1: Click Settings & Privacy> Settings and select Security & Connection from the sidebar menu. You should see a list of all the devices that you are using Facebook on and are logged in on. Click Learn More to see the full list.

Fix Facebook notifications not loading in Chrome 4

2nd step: You will see a long list of devices. Facebook keeps a log of all the devices on which you have ever used Facebook. Scroll down a bit and select the “Disconnect from all sessions” button.

Fix Facebook notifications not loading in Chrome 5

You will need to re-enter the password on all devices to reconnect to Facebook.

7. Clear cache and data

This unique trick could solve so many Chrome browser issues. Every website or web application you open leaves cookies and cache data. These leftover files can mess up the way Chrome resolves IP addresses, loads websites, and allows users to interact with them. You can quickly delete the cache and other data for an individual site selectively rather than clearing it for all the sites you have open.

8. Facebook notifications settings

The chances that this is the reason why Facebook notifications won’t load on Chrome are low. Unless you’ve changed some settings or Facebook pushed an update that broke things. Always worth a look.

Fix Facebook notifications not loading in Chrome 1

Click the three-dot menu icon on the Facebook homepage to quickly turn on / off notifications for incoming calls and messages, among others. Make sure you’ve turned on the toggle buttons.

Fix Facebook notifications not loading in Chrome 2

If you want to dig deeper into Facebook notifications, you can do so from Settings & Privacy> Settings> Notifications. There are separate options for all kinds of notifications that Facebook sends you.

9. Try another browser

Chrome is good, but there are plenty of other browsers out there, and some of them are worth checking out. We’ve already covered several browsers, like Firefox, Brave, and Microsoft Edge, to name a few. Maybe it’s time to move on and find a new home. Change can be good.

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