Top 9 Ways to Fix Zoom Audio and Sound Not Working on Android

The whole point of communication revolves around the conversation. If you organized or joined a Zoom meeting from your Android smartphone, but can’t hear what the attendees are saying, this defeats the purpose of the meeting. To help you, we will list nine (9) solutions to use when the audio or sound of the Zoom application does not work on your Android device.

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The zoom may experience sound issues on your Android device if you accidentally disabled your phone’s speaker or disabled the app’s built-in speaker. In addition, the sound profile of the phone set to Silent or Vibrate can also cause the audio functionality of the application to be impaired. These are the most common reasons for the disruption.

Other times it’s just the Zoom app (or your phone) that behaves badly. That said, let’s move on to the solutions.

1. Restart the phone

Restarting your phone can also help resolve any potential and temporary issues that could prevent the Zoom app from accessing settings and sound profiles.

2. Activate the loudspeaker

If you’re hosting a Zoom meeting on your Android device but can’t hear other attendees, make sure you haven’t muted the speakers for the app. In the upper right corner of the meeting window, check that there are no X to the right of the speaker icon – this means that the speaker has been disabled for this meeting.

To reactivate the speaker, tap the icon and you should now hear the other participants.

Correction of audio zoom audio not working android
Speaker zoom off

Correction of audio audio zoom not working android 01
Speaker zoom on

3. Check the device volume

Another check that you want to perform if the audio or audio from Zoom does not work when you are in a meeting is to confirm that your device is not muted. You (or perhaps someone else) may have accidentally reduced the volume on your phone. If this is the case, the audio zoom will not work.

To resolve this issue, press the volume up or down button on your phone to check the volume level. If your device’s volume is at the lowest level / percentage, press the volume up button or move the slider up to increase the volume.

Fixed audio zoom audio not working android 02

4. Check the volume during a call

If increasing or reactivating your phone’s volume doesn’t make Zoom audio or sound work again, the next thing you want to check is the volume while your device is on call. It’s different from the standard system-wide Android volume control. If you can’t hear anyone or anything during a Zoom meeting, especially an appointment meeting, make sure your phone’s call volume is not low or muted. Here’s how.

Step 1: Launch the Android Settings menu.

2nd step: Select Sound.

Correction of audio audio zoom not working android 03

Step 3: Check the Call Volume section. If it is low or mute, move the slider to the right to increase the volume while your phone is calling.

Correction of audio zoom audio not working android 04

Now return to your Zoom call and check if you can hear the sound of other participants. If the app sound still doesn’t work, continue to the next solution.

5. Change the sound profile

For devices with zoom or Zoom problems, the company recommends that you check and modify your sound / audio profile. Having your device in Vibrate, Silent or Do not disturb mode, for example, could disturb the audio of Zoom, even if the speakerphone is on in the app.

To change the sound profile on your Android smartphone, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Press the volume up or down button to open the volume control slider.

2nd step: Tap the Mute icon (a crossed bell) or the Vibrate icon (a phone with two lines on the sides) at the top of the volume slider to change the sound profile to Ringtone (a normal bell icon).

Correction of audio audio zoom not working android 05
Sound profile: silent. Tap the icon to change.

Correction of audio zoom audio not working android 06
Sound profile: vibrate. Tap the icon to change.

With your phone’s sound profile set to ring, check if Audio / Sound Zoom works now.

Correction of audio audio zoom not working android 07
Sound profile: Ring.

6. Use another audio device

Try connecting your phone to a headset (wired or wireless) and check if Zoom Audio works. If so, disconnect the headset from your device and try using Zoom again through your phone’s speaker. If the speaker or headphones cannot make sound, continue to the next solution.

7. Force Stop App

When you experience problems with the audio / audio of the Zoom app on your Android device, the Zoom app may malfunction, stop responding to certain commands, or be blocked. Forcing the application to stop and restarting it could help restore it to normal. Launch the Settings menu on your phone and go to Applications and notifications> View all applications> Zoom and press the Force stop icon. Then click on the Open icon to relaunch the application.

Audio zoom correction not working android 08

Correction of zoom audio sound not working android 09

If the app still has sound issues after that, proceed to clear its cache. See method # 6 below.

8. Clear the application cache

It could also help you resolve any issues that your Zoom application may be having. To do this on your Android phone, launch the Settings menu and go to Applications and notifications> See all applications> Zoom> Storage and cache and press the Clear cache icon.

Audio zoom correction not working android 10

Correction of audio audio zoom not working android 11

Launch Zoom after that and check if the speaker now works with the app. If the problem persists, try the following patch below.

9. Update the zoom

Another thing you want to do when certain Zoom features are not working properly is to make sure you have the latest version of the app on your device. The sound problem you are experiencing could be due to a bug in the version of the application you are running. Launch the Play Store on your phone, search for Zoom and press the Update button.

Correction of audio zoom audio not working android 12


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