Top 8 Fixes for Samsung Phone Stops Playing Music When Screen Turns off

A few days ago, I was listening to a sound on my Samsung phone, and after a few minutes, it suddenly stopped. I replayed it and, to my surprise, the same thing happened. After repeating this several times, I noticed that the problem occurred immediately when the screen went blank, when the phone screen was […]

How to extract .TAR.GZ, .TGZ or .GZ. Files in Windows 10

A file with the extension TGZ or GZ is created using the Unix-based archiving application tar and then compressed using GZIP compression. These files are made up of a collection of files that have been placed in a TAR archive mainly for easy storage and tracking. TAR files are often compressed once created; compressed TAR […]

How to find the Accounts linked to your Email address and Phone number

Signing up for a new service or application is quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes to prepare your new account these days. When surfing the Internet, most of us sign up for many applications and services using our email credentials or phone numbers. However, it can be alarming to know that your […]

4 Best Ways to Fix Windows 10 Not Taking Screenshots

Although there are around 8 different ways to take screenshots on a Windows computer, some users still find it difficult to do so. For many people, the screen capture shortcut commands do nothing. And when they do, the captured screenshots cannot be found. Does this happen to you too? Read this guide to find out […]

How to make & print passport size photos using IDPhoto4you

Have you had enough of this last minute run in a photo studio to get your passport photos for your visa document every time you have to travel? Are you tired of keeping up with the latest standards for passport, visa and identity photos, which also change depending on the country? So, IDPhoto4you might just […]

6 Best Protective Cases for Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

If you’re a long-term user of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, you should know by now that the case is prone to scratches and scuffs. And it’s not a member either. If you have sweaty hands, it can escape easily. Believe me, it happened to me and it was not a pleasant experience. Fortunately, like […]

How to encrypt and secure your files on Google Drive

Google Drive is currently one of the best consumer cloud platforms on the web, which means that we, the user, must demand a higher level of security and privacy from the search giant. We can’t trust Google to do it 100%, and that has a lot to do with the need for corporate user data. […]

Wise Reminder will help you manage and schedule your reminders on PC

In today’s hectic world, we aspire to completion. As soon as we finish a task, we move on to the next thing. However, in doing so, we often miss something important. So to stay engaged in our most important work, we need to find ways to keep track of it, every day. Wise reminder, free […]

How to create and manage multiple Firefox Profiles

Firefox in its current form supports creating multiple profiles, but it’s not as simple compared to Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, and it’s disappointing. The functionality is very useful, and since Google is now making a big deal on this, we can only hope that Mozilla will see the light of day before long. Why […]

How to disable the Insert Key in Windows 10

the Insert a key can often irritate your keyboard. If you press it by mistake during its operation, it goes into Overtype mode and you can get irritated. You can type something and the text under your cursor will be overwritten. In a large and important project, this can cause random problems. But there is […]

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