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How to Disable In-App Browser in Gmail and Google App

disable in-app browser

The integrated browsers are a reduced version of the classic Android browsers. Many applications integrate their own browsers into their applications. From the user point of view, this saves time and effort. Indeed, you will not have to minimize the current application and then open the link via your favorite Android browsers. From the developers' […]

How to Disable Ads and News Contents in Mi Browser

disable ads mi cover

This guide contains the steps to deactivate and hide ads and news content in the Mi browser. One of the reasons why Android users hate MIUI is the multitude of unnecessary software provided. Not only that, but even inside these apps, you will likely find features and content that would not be good for the […]

Firefox Preview 3.0 Gets Bundled with Tons of New Features

Firefox Preview 3.0

Mozilla seems to have really proven itself in the mobile browser segment. In addition to the stable Firefox browser, it also includes Firefox Lite, Firefox Beta, Firefox Nightlies and Firefox Preview, addressing the different user segments. And it's the Firefox preview browser that has recently been updated with many new features. For starters, we have […]

UC Mini vs Opera Mini: Which One Should You Choose?

uc mini opera mini browser

UC Mini and Opera Mini are two of the most popular "mini" browsers for Android devices. They are the reduced versions of their counterparts, namely. UC Web and Opera browser. Nowadays, most devices have huge amounts of storage space, but there is a niche segment of users that still have a device with less than […]

Brave Browser vs Google Chrome: Detailed Comparison

brave browser vs chrome

Mozilla has long been trying to sell people the idea of ​​privacy. Not only was it prevented, but it also lost market share to Google Chrome. Brave Browser tries a different approach for the same purpose. It was developed by Mozilla co-founder and JavaScript inventor, Brendan Eich, many years ago, and it finally came out […]

Why You Should Switch to Brave Browser on Android

Why You Should Switch to Brave Browser on Android

Brave Browser is finally out of beta and stable version 1.0 of Chrome-based browser is now available for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. If you're wondering why you should go to Brave Browser, we suggest you read. Brave Browser is not just another chrome-based application that tries to look like Google Chrome. In fact, it's […]

Best Lightweight Android Browsers with Flash Support

lightweight android browsers

There are a handful of good browsers to choose from, but the question is which one is the best. Here, I will mention two of these specific browsers which, despite their lightness, have unique characteristics. Below we will list some of the best lightweight Android browsers that give you a good browsing experience, require little […]