How to Fix Microsoft Store Update Notifications Not Showing Issue

The Microsoft Store in Windows 10 notifies you every time it ends the app for an automatic update to an app or service. While these notifications are often annoying to deal with, they serve an important purpose. Thanks to them, you know that automatic updates go without a hitch. But what if you no longer […]

How to copy text from Image in Your Phone App in Windows 10

The Your Phone app is one of the useful apps developed by Microsoft since the release of Windows 10. It’s one of the easiest ways to keep our devices connected to each other. Not only logged in, but control our phone calls, notifications and more too. Now, this app has one of the lesser known, […]

How to backup and restore Photos app settings in Windows 10

If you want back up and restore Photos app settings in Windows 10, you can follow this tutorial. Photos is an app preinstalled in Windows 10 that allows users to open and edit images in just a few moments. If the Photos app is not working, you might want to uninstall / reinstall the app. […]

This app can’t open error for Photos, Xbox Game Bar, Calculator, etc, apps

If you receive This app cannot open error opening Photos, Xbox game bar, calculator, Skype or any UWP app from Microsoft Store on Windows 10, this message will help you fix the problem. The error message varies and may ask you to contact your administrator about repair or reinstallation, updating Windows 10 PC, the need […]

Unigram is a Telegram client for Windows 10 PC

I’m sure you must have tried the Telegram app. The cloud-based instant messaging service has more than 400 million active users and its servers are distributed worldwide. The app works well on all smartphones and tablets, but if you are looking for a client to run on your Windows 10 PC, we recommend that you […]

Enable or Disable SmartScreen Filter for Microsoft Store apps in Windows 10

You can enable or disable the SmartScreen filter for Microsoft Store apps in Windows 10 using Windows Security or Registry Editor. SmartScreen is, it is a feature which helps detect phishing websites and can also protect you from installing malware or malware. Whenever a malicious link or application is encountered, SmartScreen displays a warning. We […]

How to create desktop shortcuts for Windows 10 UWP apps

Microsoft has introduced Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications in Windows OS based on Universal Windows Apps (UWA) to access all compatible Microsoft Windows devices such as PC, tablets, smartphones, Xbox, HoloLens and IoT. In this article, we will show you how to create a desktop shortcut for UWP system apps in Windows 10. In Windows […]

Error 0x80004005 when playing music in Groove Music in Windows 10

If you receive Impossible To play Fault 0x80004005 when you try to play music or audio files in Groove Music, then this message will help you. The error usually occurs if there is a file sync issue on OneDrive or if the codec is not supported. The latter is a rare problem as Groove Music […]

Microsoft Store app is removed when you log on for the first time

The Microsoft Store offers almost everything you could want for your Windows device, including the latest games, popular movies and TV shows, creative software, apps, and more. If a preinstalled Microsoft Store app is removed after a user signed in for the first time in Windows 10 and an event ID 240 error is generated, […]

Movies & TV app freezing, not working or opening on Windows 10

the Movies & TV application (called Movies & TV in some regions) brings you the latest HD movies and TV shows on your Windows 10 device. Rent and buy new blockbuster movies and favorite classics, or watch last night’s TV episodes. The app also gives you instant HD and quick access to your video collection. […]

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