How to Extract Highlighted Text from PDF as Plain Text File?

Highlighting text in a PDF document comes in handy for marking important areas that you can access later quickly. You can use Microsoft Edge to highlight PDF or any other software that comes with PDF highlight feature. Sometimes, you might also have felt the need to only have the text highlighted so that you can […]

Create Music with LMMS music production suite

LMMS was first presented to the world as Linux MultiMedia Studio. Today, this digital audio workstation application program is available in 20 different languages, allowing musicians around the world to use this cross-platform tool to make music. What makes it unique is that it is a completely free, open source, community-driven project released under the […]

How to use JioMeet video conferencing app – Features and Drawbacks

The Indian platform Reliance Jio launched a new activity which had multiplied the folds in recent months – videoconferencing. The service has been requested for online courses, virtual meetings and so on. The zoom, for now, still leads the audience, and it’s not surprising that Reliance has also moved into space with JioMeet. What is […]

Windows File Recovery is the official Microsoft tool to recover deleted files

the Windows team quietly deployed a file recovery tool in the Microsoft Store, which can be used to recover deleted files from your Windows 10 computer. According to the description, the tool can not only recover deleted files, but also clean up hard drives, SD cards and corrupted storage. It can recover photos, documents, videos, […]

Calculate and verify checksum and hashes of files with PS Hash for Windows 10

In the past, we talked about several free tools designed to calculate hashes and generate checksum files. Most lack a plethora of features, and some have an old-style user interface, which is problematic for some. Given all of this, we would like to discuss a new program called PS Hash. PS Hash calculates checksum and […]

Intel Optane Memory and Storage Management

Intel offers monitoring and management software such as Intel Optane memory volumes, H10 memory with solid state storage and memory modules + SATA HDD / SSD / SSHDNote, RAID, etc. In this article, we will look at the functionality of Memory and storage management Intel Optane available for Windows system. Memory and storage management Intel […]

Cypher Notepad lets you encrypt your Text Documents in Windows 10

Encryption is very important and is actually the best way to protect your data which you don’t want anyone to access. It is not only important for government, businesses and businesses, but also for people who want to protect their personal data from theft. Cypher Notepad is free software that protects your text documents by […]

Add Keyboard Shortcuts to Chrome, Edge and Firefox with Surfingkeys

Many users continue to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate the web. Some of them like Ctrl + F5 to clear the page cache or Shift + F5 to reload the page are well known. However, if you want to be an advanced user and want to add more shortcuts, add Surfingkeys to Firefox, Edge and […]

Best free Landscape Design software to design an amazing backyard

Landscaping basically refers to the planning and design of your garden, lawn or garden. Most people in first world countries living in a detached house would mostly have a lawn. If you want to design a plan for this, please check out this list of the best free landscape design software. Free landscape design software […]

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