How to print test a page to test your printer in Windows 10

If you recently installed a new printer and want to print a test page at test your printer on Windows 10, in addition to using the built-in print test functionality in Windows OS, you can also use some third-party software and web tools. Let’s examine the best options for printing a test page to see […]

How to find which process stopped or started Windows Services

Windows service stopping or deactivating is not very common, but can sometimes occur. The biggest problem here is that there is no way to know which process has stopped or updated Windows services on Windows 10. This is where you need a program that can audit these services. It is useful with personalized services more […]

Best websites to find free Royalty-free Sound effects

Good sound effects are very important for any video. They have a psychological impact which allows the public to feel the situation explained in the video. This would become more apparent when the sound effects are removed from the stream. In this case, the visuals would seem so raw. Find royalty free sound effects As […]

Praat speech analysis software for Windows 10 will help Phoneticians

Have you ever heard of Phoneticians? It is a branch of linguistics that analyzes the sound of human speech. Sign language analysis is also part of the job title, so this is a big problem for those involved. Now people who are in this profession can do their work at home with free software called […]

DesktopCal makes for a decent alternative to default Calendar app

The default calendar app on Windows 10 is good enough for most situations, but what happens when users want a little more from their calendar? The best option is to use free third-party calendar software, and as such, we’ve scoured the web to find something worth using. After searching for a few moments, we came […]

Ventoy2Disk lets you create bootable USB drive without formatting

If you often create bootable USB drives using third-party software on Windows, you may need to format it first. However, you can use Ventoy2Disk, which is a free tool for create a bootable USB key without formatting. You can create a multi-boot USB stick using this free software. Let’s take a look at the features […]

9 Applications to Make Students’ Lives Easier

If every day you feel like a Groundhog Day character and don’t have the time to follow the conference, we know how to make your life easier. Stop moving to find university essays for sale, because you still don’t have time to write them down. Look for a list of apps that will make your […]

IfranView Image Viewer and Editor software for Windows 10

Viewing graphics on Windows 10 is super easy due to the abundance of options available to the user. However, today we are going to talk about a free program called IfranView graphic viewer, and from what we’ve gathered, this is one of the most popular graphical visualization tools for Windows 10. Now we have the […]

10 Top Educational Apps for Students

Every day is a lesson. Sometimes the material we get from the university is not enough and we have to look for additional sources of information. We have selected the ten most interesting educational applications: from linguistics to anatomy, from mathematics to astronomy. We are even ready to advise you on a application to write […]

Photo Stitcher is a free photo stitching software for Windows 10

Assembling photos doesn’t have to be a difficult task at all. With the right tools, you can do it quickly with time to spare. Now the tool in question today is called Photo Stitcher, and it has the ability to automatically stitch photos. Not only that, but the user can add annotations among others to […]

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