6 Best Fixes for Contacts Not Showing Up iPhone

This problem is often multidimensional with many causes and various solutions. In the following section, we report many proven and reliable solutions that we have discovered from personal experiences and research. Check them. 1. Edit contact If you find that some contacts are not showing up in some of your apps, then changing the affected […]

How to Uninstall Apps from Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a wonderful device. It allows you to convert your age-old TV into a smart TV with streaming services like Prime, Disney +, Netflix, YouTube, etc. The streaming stick is also useful for frequent travelers (not in 2020). It can be your perfect entertainment companion while on vacation. If your Fire […]

A Guide to Editing Google Forms on Mobile and Desktop

“Can you edit Google Forms?” Does this question bother you? A lot of people wonder if they can edit the forms they created after sharing the form link. Likewise, users who submit an incorrect answer in the form want to edit the form. It’s possible? Yes. It is. We’ve covered how to edit Google Forms […]

A Complete Guide to Fixing Instagram Direct Messages Not Sending

Direct messaging on Instagram has grown (and continues to grow) to become an integral core of the social media platform. With DMs, you can communicate beautifully with your followers and other Instagram users. Just like sometimes Instagram faces loading issues, even direct messages take a downtime. In this guide, we’ve put together some solutions to […]

How To Generate Your Own Filters on Android Photos

Sometimes we take pictures on our Android phones, and they come out in a way that we don’t like. We feel this urge to modify our images in such a way that we find them attractive. Photos of this type should be improved by the use of filters. Android has photo filtering features that allow […]

How to Change the From Address in Microsoft Outlook

Several users have more than one email id. This is the bare minimum where one is used for work while the other for personal reasons. Seeing how most of us struggle to balance both lives simultaneously, it makes sense to log into Microsoft Outlook from both accounts. Sending emails becomes easier if you can change […]

Top 9 Ways to Fix Unable to Change Default Programs in Windows 10

The applications offered by Microsoft are excellent. But not everyone is a fan. This is why people are looking for alternatives and want to use these alternatives as default apps. Instead of opening your file manually in your favorite app, you can set that app as default. This way, these files will automatically open in […]

6 Best Ways to Fix Bluetooth Delay on Windows 10

Suppose you are watching a movie or playing a game on your Windows PC. The visual quality is top notch and everything is superb. Except for one thing: there is an annoying delay in audio output from your bluetooth speaker. You reload a rifle, but your Bluetooth headphones produce the sound effect seconds (or microseconds) […]

How to Use iMessage on iPhone and iPad Without a SIM and Phone Number

Apple has had its own instant messaging service for a long time. Yes, we are talking about iMessage. Some people who have switched to Android from Apple or bought a new Apple device are wondering if they can still use iMessage on an old iPad or iPhone. Are you thinking of the same? Find the […]

Top 7 Ways to Fix iPhone Keyboard Not Showing Up

Anytime a major operating system update drops, there are bound to be issues and bugs. Especially when you are Apple serving millions of iPhone users with yearly iOS updates. One of the common issues is related to the battery life of the device. Another issue that has become quite common in recent times is related […]

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