How to Create Email Group in Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular email clients in the world. You often have to send an email to several contacts at the same time. While sending the same email to a group of people on Gmail is a tedious task, there is a nifty trick that will make your job easier. If you […]

15 Best Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

Gmail is the most popular email provider. While most of the people opt for the Gmail service, Outlook enjoys a large following among consumers and business users. Unlike Gmail, Outlook offers a native application on Windows and Mac. While the job is done, you will find the icons and text too small. Instead of using […]

A Complete Guide to Organizing Gmail to Use It Efficiently

Gmail is still very relevant and important even though apps like Slack and Teams have reduced our reliance on email. According to a McKinsey report, the average person still spends up to 28% of their working time per week on email. Therefore, it makes sense to organize Gmail to reduce clutter and improve productivity. The […]

6 Best Fixes for Cannot Get Mail Error on iPhone and iPad

Do I get the “Unable to receive mail” error message when you open an email in the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad? If so, you should read this guide to the end. We have detailed six (6) different ways to solve the problem. Check them and receive emails again quickly and without problems. […]

How to Create Email Signature in Gmail

We are in 2020 and there are many tools that aim to replace the messaging experience on your desktop. But the reality is that email providers like Gmail and Outlook are far from dead. It’s still the first choice for many consumers, marketers, newsletters, banking updates, and business conversations. Speaking of email conversations, you can […]

How to Stop the Mail App From Opening Randomly on Mac

Are you having trouble opening the Mail app randomly on your Mac? You’re not alone. It may appear while you are viewing a new email. Or it might bother you for no obvious reason. Annoying. So, can you do something to prevent this from happening? Connectivity issues with some email accounts (such as Gmail) can […]

Where Can I Find My Email Address on Facebook on Mobile and PC

Also on Guiding Tech #user accounts Click here to view our User Account Articles page Show email address on new Facebook website Step 1: Open the new Facebook website. 2nd step: Click the down arrow in the upper right corner. Choose Settings & Privacy from the menu. Point: Click Switch to Classic Facebook if you […]

How to Mark All Emails As Read in Gmail

Slack and Microsoft (along with Microsoft Teams) are working hard to replace email. However, the standard messaging experience is here to stay. The majority still prefer to use Gmail and Outlook to stay in touch with banking updates, favorite newsletters, and recent events from social media handles. Among all the email providers, Gmail is the […]

How to create a new email in Outlook app using its features

The Outlook app in Windows 10 comes with many new and advanced features and functions. You can create an email, appointment, contact, and task in the Outlook app. In this article, however, we’ll see how to create and write a new email message in the Outlook app, and learn more about the features and functions […]

How to Enable or Disable Dark Mode in Gmail on iPhone and iPad

With the release of iOS 13 and iPadOS, the native Apple Mail app finally started supporting the long-awaited dark mode. Then the third-party email clients, such as Outlook for iOS, followed suit. But Gmail was an exception to let you use dark mode. Of course, many are not a fan of it. Thankfully, you can […]

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