What Happens When You Block a Sender in Outlook

Emails are still popular and will be for a long time. This makes it a prime target for spammers, marketers and hackers. All email service providers offer ways to fix this problem and Microsoft Outlook is no different. You can delete these emails or block the sender in Outlook. But do you know what actually […]

4 Best Fixes for Mail App Missing Issue on iPhone and iPad

The Mail app on iPhone and iPad does not come with the superior functionality found in alternative third-party mail clients such as Outlook for iOS. But it still offers a solid email experience and is less confusing to pick up and use. That said, what if you can’t locate the Mail app in the first […]

How to trace an email address to the source IP address of the owner

Emails are sent to us every day, but sometimes we don’t know who the sender is and where it comes from. Given that we live in an age where malicious emails are constant, while trying to get us to do things we shouldn’t be doing, we think everyone should learn to track emails. You may […]

How to insert an Emoji or Symbol in the Email Subject Line or Body

Sending an email to your friend is not a big deal. But do you know that you can put a photo in the subject line of an email? Although you cannot find a direct option in Gmail or Outlook.com, it is possible to insert certain symbols or characters in the subject line as well as […]

Top 6 Ways to Fix Cannot Expand Folder Error in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook users have faced a particular error over the past decade. It started with Outlook 2010 and users of future versions continue to report it, including Office 365. Users see a pop-up window saying “Unable to expand folder” in Outlook. This happens when expanding a shared folder or a folder in a second mailbox. […]

How to automatically translate Emails in Outlook.com

Many people have to translate email content from a foreign language into their native language. If you want you can enable automatic language translation in Outlook.com. That way, you don’t have to translate the message manually – no matter how many messages you receive or the size of the body of the email. Suppose you […]

How to Move Photos from Email to Google Photos

Previously, when you received photos on Gmail, it was easy to move them to Google Photos. One would save them in Google Drive and they would appear in Google Photos when linked. But recently Google didn’t like Google Photos and Drive. It also affected the way people moved photos from email to Google Photos. If […]

How to create personalized email ID using Outlook

If you have a Outlook Premium subscription, you can create a personalized email ID. You can create a custom domain email address even if you have an Office 365 Home or Personal subscription. In addition, you must use GoDaddy as your domain registrar. When you start a professional online business, you need to have a […]

How to Send Google Forms Responses to Multiple Email Addresses

Google Forms is one of the best online data collection tools in the world. With a Google account, you can easily create polls, RSVPs and other forms and also manage their responses. However, for each response to your forms, Google only sends a notification to the email address of the form creator / account owner. […]

What Is Forum in Gmail and How to Create One

Gmail is an all-in-one email solution for everything about your Google email address. The Gmail app is regularly redefined with new features. Some of these features can sometimes become overwhelming and confusing. If you know the Gmail mobile app, you may have (or not) noticed the email category titled Forums. This category is almost always […]

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