How to delete Outlook cache files in Windows 10

The best way to send emails is via Microsoft Outlook. In this article, we will focus on clearing the cache in Outlook. This is important because the program stores files for easier access, but there may come a time when these same files are causing slowdowns. Clearing the cache also removes autocomplete data, among other […]

Google Search makes it easy to recharge your mobile

Among the plethora of things that could be done via Google search, the company has made another useful addition. Exclusive to Indian users, you can now recharge their device directly from the search results. Apart from that, you can also browse all the plans of all major carriers and even compare two recharge plans. In […]

RandPass Lite is a free password generator for Windows 10

If you need multiple strong passwords to protect your online accounts, you must give RandPass Lite A try. It is a free random password generator for Windows 10. Like PassBox, HashPass or PWGen, it can create a strong password with predefined words, numbers, special characters, etc. Explore the features and options of RandPass Lite. RandPass […]

How to Remove Background from an Image on Android

More often than not, I need images with a transparent background. The reasons are many. From its use for my articles, or even their use as a second layer for a double exposure. Although some images are readily available with a transparent background, there are quite a few. Therefore, in this guide, we will show […]

Event ID 307 and 304 with error code 0x801c001d on Windows 10 device

In today’s publication, we will identify the cause and then suggest possible solutions to the issue Event ID 307 and Event ID 304 with error code 0x801c001d are saved after deploying Windows 10 on a device. Error code 0x801c001d – Event IDs 307 and 304 When you deploy Windows to a device, the following events […]

5 Best Ways to Fix Xiaomi Mi Band Doesn't Charge Issue

You had just bought a new Mi Band, and when you were delighted to use it, you see that it does not turn on. You realize that there is no button to activate it. What to do? When you try to connect the charger, the tape still won’t light up. What is happening? Is your […]

Event ID 1098: Error 0xCAA5001C, Token broker operation failed in Windows 10

In this article, we will explore the cause and also provide the solution to the problem of Event 1098: Error: Token broker operation 0xCAA5001C failed in Windows 10. You may experience this issue when you sign into a Windows 10 computer and try to access the Windows Store for Business. However, Azure Active Directory (AAD) […]

Google Photos vs Drive: Which is better at managing photos

Google Photos and Drive are two different applications for managing files. However, when it comes to better photo management, you may be confused as to which option to choose. The two do this job fairly effectively, but in some ways they are separate from each other. Therefore, in this guide, we will make an in-depth […]

How to Send and Receive Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy Active 2

How do you define a smartwatch? For me, it should be a mini extension of your smart watch, which means that you should be able to do some parts of your daily work via the little gadget that is attached to your wrist. By small tasks, I mean responding to messages and text, taking quick […]

How to blur the background in Microsoft Teams meeting

Video calling is a tricky business, especially when it is a business meeting, and you must attend the video call in a public place. The problem is just not the noise, but what’s going on in the background. Things could get a little annoying in no time. If you use Microsoft Teams, you can blur […]

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