10 Best PDF Readers for Android

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PDF is one of the most popular formats for distributing digital documents and books since its release. Any device that wants to be very useful must be able to open PDF files. Android can natively open PDF files with the Google Drive PDF viewer preinstalled with Google Drive. But if you need something more, here are the best PDF readers for Android, which include some of the best Ebook readers. If you need to create forms with the help of your smartphone, you can easily do it using these best forms applications for Android.

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Publisher and Creator

Adobe Acrobat Reader seems to be the default choice for most PDF Reader users. This is the standard that other PDF readers must meet and exceed. The Android application offers a hardware design and also supports, among other things, the larger 18: 9 screens. Adobe has always been a professional software for professionals. As such, Adobe Acrobat Reader is also a PDF reader for professionals rather than the average consumer who would simply like to read a PDF book.

It's part of Adobe Cloud Services to keep your data and PDF files in sync across devices. Adobe also offers a subscription service that opens more features. It's not bad, even if you just want to read PDF books or something like that. This is certainly one of the best PDF readers for Android. You may also want to check out some of the best Adobe Acrobat Reader alternatives we shared some time ago.

2. Google PDF Viewer

Google PDF Reader

Google PDF Viewer is the official Android Viewer PDF application. This is essentially the PDF viewer preinstalled on most phones with Google Drive, but in a different package and available as a stand-alone application from the Play Store. It is a very basic PDF viewer designed solely to allow users to easily view PDF files. It does not contain any advanced PDF functionality such as signing a document. However, the PDF Viewer allows you to search for particular words or phrases in a PDF file, zoom in or out, select and copy text, and more.

There is no application icon on the launcher for this application. You can only choose to open a PDF file via Google PDF Viewer when you open it from another application, such as a file explorer. It also means that you can not use it to manage your PDF files, unlike Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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3. WPS Office – Word, Docs, PDF, Note, Slide and Sheet

This is not a dedicated PDF viewer application, but rather a complete office suite. This is one of the best office suits for Android and packs in one of the best PDF applications for Android. It allows you to open any PDF file, crop it, add bookmarks, print it, save it to the cloud storage of your choice etc. If you like to read at night, there is also a night mode that minimizes stress for your eyes. If you use another application to scan documents and store them as PDF files, you can also get rid of them. Yes, WPS Office will allow you to scan documents using the camera of your phone and also store them in PDF format. In addition, you can also convert office documents such as MS Word or Exel to PDF.

There is also a premium version of the application that unlocks additional PDF features such as PDF Signature, Fusion, etc.

4. CamScanner – Scanner to scan a PDF

CamScanner is one of the very first applications allowing Android users to "scan" paper documents using the cameras installed on their devices. Although it's basically about taking a picture, the built-in management features and subsequent updates that make the app more than a document taking application are the reasons for its popularity. These days, the application is also an excellent PDF reader. It can import PDF files, scan physical documents into PDF files, and annotate PDF files. For a small fee, you can even fax the PDF outside the usual sharing options. Paying also brings additional features such as 10GB of cloud storage, additional editing features, and more. If you only need an application to manage your PDF documents, analyze new ones and simply view existing documents, the free version of CamScanner is one of the best applications. For the job.

5. ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form

ezPDF Viewer Android

ezPDF Reader is an all-in-one PDF reader. It contains many features, so the statement is not so far from the truth. This Android PDF reader will allow you to complete PDF documents, annotate, etc. However, it is not just a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat. It's also a great way to read books in PDF format and even support EPUB if you read more than one type of book. Support for audio, video, and even animated GIFs is also included. The application is intended for both professional and recreational uses and it succeeds very well at a time. Such applications are rare to find. All is not free and you will have to pay an amount to unlock all features. But what is good is a fixed cost and not a subscription. ezPDF is another excellent PDF reader for Android devices.

6. Google Play Books – eBooks, Audiobooks, and Comics

Google Play Books - eBook Reader

Google Play Books, another Google Play service that is largely forgotten by users. Naturally, few people know that it can also be used as a PDF reader. Of course, you can buy a variety of books online and read them too. But you can also upload your own PDF or EPUB files to the cloud and sync them to all devices. Downloaded books become part of your online library. The application is designed for reading pleasure and does not include any professional features such as signing documents, annotations, etc. If you have a large collection of PDF books and want to move on to something more online, something that syncs to your devices, Google Play Books are a great choice.

7. Moon + Reader

Moon + Reader, PDF, Ebooks

You may not have heard of it yet, but Moon + reader is one of the most popular eBook readers for Android. It contains a ton of features and tries to faithfully reproduce the experience of reading a book. From page animations to the shelf where you can put your books, it's very chic. Of course, all fantasy means nothing without useful features. Fortunately, the application has it too. It supports different themes and a ton of other visual customization options. When it's a good reading application, features like auto-scrolling, smart paragraphs, double-page (landscape), and a few other features make reading books easier.

You can not only read PDF books, but also EPUB and EPUB3. However, it is not quite beautiful and has some horrors like the use of some icons of the Android KitKat era.

8. PDF Viewer Pro – Annotations and Forms Expert

PDF Viewer Pro

PDF Viewer Pro is a great alternative to Adobe Acrobat if you do not like the Adobe application. It's a basic application like Adobe, but not as simple as Google's. It performs all basic PDF functions such as annotations, cloud support, zoom, bookmarks, and more. If you buy the professional version, you can even attach documents, edit themes and customize a number of elements of the application. However, this is not the most powerful application you might want to try the free version.

9. Librera – Reader of books of all formats and PDF Reader

Librera - PDF and Ebook Reader

Librera is another all-in-one PDF reading application such as ezPDF. It supports more than a dozen different formats other than PDF, including EPUB, EPUB3, MOBI, DJVU, ZIP, TXT, and so on. It has a more modern design, compared to a night mode and a day mode to better adapt to the environment in which you find yourself. This makes night reading much more comfortable. Even better, you can simply close your eyes and fall asleep while listening to your book, thanks to the text-to-speech feature. The application is totally free but contains ads.

10. OfficeSuite – Free Office, PDF, Word, Sheets, Slides

OfficeSuite is another suite of office applications for Android developed by MobiSystems. It can do a lot of things, including Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel sheets and, of course, reading PDFs. As you can guess, this is an app for professionals. As a result, the PDF reader portion contains only enough features for professionals and no optimization for reading ebooks is included.

This concludes this list of the best PDF readers for Android devices. If you have another favorite PDF reader or an eBook reader application on Android that was not on the list, feel free to make your voice heard in the comments below.

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