10 New Android 10 Features To Get Excited About

android 10 features
Android 10 is now officially deployed on Google Pixel devices. Although the status of updates for most other Android smartphones remains pretty much the same. So Essential Phone, the only phone of the company running Android, should be updated in the coming days. OnePlus has released a new Open Oxygen OS beta based on Android 10. Other … will follow. But here are 10 new features of Android 10 on which you can get excited while you wait.

Features of Android 10 – UI

1. New Android gesture navigation

Last year, Google decided to change things a bit by implementing gesture navigation on Android. The implementation of Apple on iOS or that of Samsung, OnePlus, Motorola, etc. have not been so well received. Android 10 offers complete gestural navigation without any buttons. Google went all out on Apple and even took a page from Xiaomi's book. You still do not receive full-screen gestures, unlike other Android builders.

Instead of a thick navigation bar, we now have a thin one and, instead of a pill, a home bar like the one on iOS. The gestures remain the same, that is to say sweep to go home, sweep and hold to access recent applications. What has changed is that there is no more button back. Instead, scanning the left or right edge of the screen triggers the backward action.

This is not everyone a fan, naturally. As a result of the new gesture navigation, it is not possible to drag from the left edge to display the side menu drawer of some applications. To do this, you must press and hold the left edge, then slide your finger after the menu drawer is slightly revealed.

It just lacks the polish that Apple has achieved in one go. And this is Google's second attempt.

2. Dark Dark Fashion

Android Pie has introduced a bit of dark mode in some parts of the UI, such as Quick Settings, Settings, as well as in a few other menus and places. Android 10 offers a complete black mode that includes all parts of the system user interface as well as the applications that support it. For now, there are many Google apps on this list, with the exception of the Play Store, Chrome and Gmail, the two most used Google apps.

But there is a substitution switch in the development options that can deal with these. In addition, Gmail and Chrome should have dark modes later this month. Many other apps already have dark modes such as Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, etc. These applications can be expected to respect the dark mode switch of Android 10.

3. Smart answer

Android 10 Smart Answer

Remember the smart response feature introduced by Google in early 2017 for Gmail on Android? As with Android gesture navigation and dark mode, this feature also gets an update. The smart answer is now an Android 10 feature and works with all apps, not just with Gmail. For the uninitiated, Smart reply will automatically suggest a quick response in the notification, depending on the content of the notification.

As you can see on the screenshot above, it's not as smart. I may have an idea because I'm smart, but the "smart" answer of Android 10 does not think so. Anyway, it happens rarely and most of the time, the suggestions are as smart as you can expect at today's computers.

Android 10 Features – Accessibility

4. Live subtitles

This feature will only be available a bit later, but it will be one of the most useful features of Android 10. Especially for those who can not hear. This allows your phone to automatically caption videos, audio messages, and podcasts in applications. This happens locally, as well as for media files that you save to your phone. Google is waiting for it to be ready for Pixel smartphones from here this fall. It should make its way to other Android 10 devices sometime next year.

5. Sound amplifier

The sound amplifier is another addition to the accessibility features of Android. This new Android 10 feature allows users to enhance the sound, filter out background noise, and adjust the sound. This can be useful in noisy environments.

Android 10 Features – Digital Wellbeing

6. Mode of focus

As you can see, most of the new features in Android 10 are improvements to something that used to exist. Focus mode is a new feature of the Digital Wellbeing suite. It allows users to select and disable distracting apps until Focus Mode is turned off. This is still in beta and users will have to register to be able to try it.

7. Family link

If you are a parent, this new feature of Android 10 is for you. Family Link is a set of tools that parents can use to set daily screen limits, bedtime for devices, specific application limits, and more for their kids. They can also view apps that kids install on their devices and see how they are used.

Android 10 Features – Privacy and Security

8. Confidentiality checks

Android 10 now allows users to more precisely control how app permissions are allowed. First, when you launch a new application, instead of getting bored with separate pop-up windows asking for separate permissions, you now get a screen listing all permissions with options to allow or deny them. . Android 10 privacy controls

Plus, all your privacy settings, including your web and app activity, and even your ad settings, are grouped in one place. These can be consulted under Privacy section in Settings. You can turn off retargeting and ad customization, or decide which data applications can store and for how long.

9. Location of access

Another great new feature of Android 10 is a better way of locating to provide location access to an application. This is basically a continuation of the finer control over the authorization of the application, but it is a big problem that requires a separate mention. Like iOS, Android 10 users can only grant access to apps when they use the app. This ensures that any application requiring access to a location to work does not operate in the background to collect data about you. You can also allow applications such as Google Maps to access your location at any time, or just refuse it at the old time.

Android 10 Features – Security

10. Security Updates

Updates have always been a problem on Android, and Google seems to be trying everything to fix this problem. With each new version of Android, they are trying to simplify the process to make it easier for OEMs. They even made decisions that should indirectly condemn OEMs to provide updates, to educate users and to require updates. With Android 10, important security and privacy patches can be sent directly to devices from the Google Play Store. It works like application updates. As long as your device receives the Android 10 update, you do not depend at least on your OEM for security updates and patches.

There are still other features on Android 10, such as 65 new emoji, of which 56 include women. But these are the best features that most people could hope to have.

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