3 Best Ways to Identify Fonts in PDF Files in Windows 10

3 Best Ways to Identify Fonts in PDF Files in Windows 10
Fonts can make or break the reading experience for a reader. One of the places to find new fonts are PDF files. It can be a brochure, an announcement, promotional material, a case study or any other item that you can open on your computer. But, how to identify fonts in PDF files in Windows 10 when you see and like them?

How to identify fonts in PDF files in Windows 10 "srcset =" https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243147/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files -in-Windows-10_4d470f76dc99e18ad75087b1b841015141415. , https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243147/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10_935adec67b324b146ff212ec4c69054f.jpg?157236181818w, https: / /cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243147/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10_40dd5eab97016030a3870d712fd9ef0f.jpg?1572368618 500w, https .guidingtech.com / imager / media / assets / 2019/10/243147 / Identification of fonts in PDF files in Windows 10 -7c4a12eb7455b3a1ce1ef1cadcf29289.jpg? 1572368618 340w

There are a few ways around this situation. One of my friends lost an hour comparing a font that he liked to the drop-down list of fonts listed in the Microsoft Word menu. I thought that there were better ways to identify fonts quickly and without wasting as much time.

Let's start.

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat is a familiar name when it comes to processing PDF files. It can do a lot more, as you probably already know. You can open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader and press Ctrl + D on your keyboard or click File to select Properties. You can also click anywhere on the PDF document with the right mouse button to select the Properties option.

How to identify fonts in PDF files under Windows 10 1 90vw "srcset =" https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243140/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF -Files-in-Windows-10-1_4d470f76dc99e18ad75087b9.png? 1572368619 993w, https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243140/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-1_935adec67b324b146ff2126c49054f.png? 1572368619 700w, https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243140/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-1_40dd5eab97016030a3870d7ef0f. 500w, https://i0.wp.com/cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243140/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-1_7c4a12eb7455b3a1ce1ef1cadcf29289.png?w=1290&ssl=134

On the Fonts tab, you will find a list of all fonts used in this PDF file.

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You can also check the encoding details here if you click on the "+" icon. This will expand the menu further. There are several fonts used in the document, which is not uncommon. Usually done to differentiate or point out points in the PDF.

If you want to select a song or string of text and then identify the font in the PDF file, you will need Acrobat DC Pro, which is not free. If you have a copy, select Tools> Content> Edit Document Text, select the text for which you want to identify the font, and select Properties. Again, the process is pretty simple.

Fun fact: IKEA decided to change its font type from Futura to Verdana in 2009. That made a lot of people unhappy.

2. Identify fonts from sentences

We have seen that it is easy to identify fonts in a PDF file. It is also easy to identify fonts from a sentence or word, provided you have the professional version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it, get a PDF-XChange viewer. It's a free PDF reader that comes with some extra features that are paid for in other apps.

Download the application and open the PDF file containing the font you are in love with. Select the text with the help of the Select tool (not the Main tool). If you see the hand icon instead, right-click anywhere on the document to choose the selection tool.

How to Identify Fonts in PDF Files in Windows 10 3 90vw "srcset =" https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243142/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in -PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-3_4d470f76dc99e18ad75087b9.png? 1572368620 997w, https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243142/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-3_935adec67b324b146ff2126c49054f.png? 1572368620 700w, https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243142/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-3_40dd5eab97016030a3870d712f02f02f02f05) 500w, https : //cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243142/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-3_7c4a12eb7455b3a1ce1ef1cadcf29289.png 157236862040w?

Select the text and click again with the right mouse button to choose the Text Properties option.

How to identify fonts in PDF files under Windows 10 4 90vw "srcset =" https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243143/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF -Files-in-Windows-10-4_4d470f76dc99e18ad75084ea9? 1572368620 1004w, https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243143/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-4_935adec67b324b146ff212ec4c69054f.png? 1572368620 700w, https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243143/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-4_40dd5eab97016030a70d0f7 500w, https: //cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243143/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-4_7c4a12eb7455b3a1ce1ef1cadcf29289.png?1572362304

You can now view the font type and other encoding details on the Formatting tab.

How to identify fonts in PDF files in Windows 10 5 90vw "srcset =" https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243144/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF -Files-in-Windows-10-5_4d470f76dc99e18ad75087b9p9png? 1572368620 1001w, https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243144/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-5_935adec67b324b146ff2126c49054f.png? 1572368621 700w, https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243144/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-5_40dd5eab97016030a3870dd125fdp. 500w, https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243144/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-5_7c4a12eb7455b3a1ce1ef1cadcf29289.png?1572362140w4

Fun fact: Helvetica is a popular font for all the right reasons. Did you know that it means Swiss in Latin? No point to guess where it was done.

3. Identify fonts online

Downloading a separate PDF reader application to identify fonts is not a good idea. Why waste a valuable SSD space? I mean, of course it serves this purpose, but there is another way to identify fonts from a text string. Enter WhatTheFont.

Take a screenshot of the text containing your new favorite font and load the image on the web page below.

How to Identify Fonts in PDF Files in Windows 10 6 6 90vw "srcset =" https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243145/How-to-Identify-Fonts- in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-6_4d470f76dc99e18ad75084ea9? 1572368621 999w, https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243145/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-6_935adec67b324b146ff212ec4c69054f.png? 1572368621 700w, https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243145/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-6_40dd5eab97016030a38d70fd_f 500w, https: //cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243145/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-6_7c4a12eb7455b3a1ce1ef1ef1cadcf29289.png?1572362403d5

Once the image is downloaded, you can refine the sentence or word, if it is already done. Click on the blue arrow button to begin the process when you have finished your selection.

How to Identify Fonts in PDF Files in Windows 10 7 90vw "srcset =" https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243146/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in -PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-7_4d470f76dc99e18ad75084ea9? 1572368621 950w, https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243146/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-7_935adec67b324b146ff2126c49054f.png? 1572368621 700w, https://cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243146/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-7_40dd5eab97016030a38d7d0f7 500w, https: //cdn.guidingtech.com/imager/media/assets/2019/10/243146/How-to-Identify-Fonts-in-PDF-Files-in-Windows-10-7_7c4a12eb7455b3a1ce1ef1ef1cadcf29289.png?1572362403d5

You will now see a list of fonts to choose from. You can also enter your own text to see its appearance with the type of font identified. This is a good way to experiment before writing another document. WhatTheFont is free to use as they earn money by selling types of fonts identified.

Fun fact: The ampersand or (&) was made using the letters e and t. Go try to draw a & #39; t & #39; t on an e & #39; e for pleasure right now. That's because "and" is a Latin word that means "and," literally. It's funny as Latin has inspired so many English words.

The police are forever

A bad type of font can spoil the reader's experience. Using an easy-to-read type of font is always a safer bet than using something that might not appeal to you. We know that at Comic Sans, the most hated type of police in the world. It was designed by a Microsoft employee. Yep. Sad, because we all love the comic fonts from which it was originally inspired.

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