3 Methods to Send WhatsApp Messages to Yourself

You might come across an interesting message and you want to save it. Or you have a message that you need to send at a later date and time. Likewise, you are in a professional configuration and must send the same set of messages to your customers. In all of these scenarios, you have two different methods of dealing with it. Use a third-party memo app to record your messages and use a scheduling app to send WhatsApp messages later. Or you can do it even from WhatsApp itself. And therein lies the advantage of sending you messages in WhatsApp. I have been using this trick for centuries and keep all of my important messages saved in my chat itself. Therefore, in this guide, we will provide three different methods by which you could send yourself WhatsApp messages.

Sending WhatsApp messages from contacts

send whatsapp oneself

The simplest of the three. This method requires you to create your contact and then send a message from there. Only for the first time, you will need to use the contact list. After that, you can easily send WhatsApp messages directly to you from the app itself. To do this, go to the Contacts app and add yourself, if you have not already done so.

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Then head over to the created contact and tap the WhatsApp message icon with your phone number written next to it. This will take you directly to the WhatsApp chat screen with your phone number. It may happen that instead of your name, it shows your phone number. Well, that's okay, to be fair.

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Sending messages via WA.ME Link

send whatsapp link

WhatsApp also provides a Click to chat feature through which you can easily send WhatsApp messages to anyone, even if they are not in your contacts. The same functionality could also be used to send you WhatsApp messages. This is how it could be done. First, write down your 10-digit mobile phone number with the country code but without any prefix (like +, -, 00).

For example, if your cell phone number is 1234567890 and you are an Indian citizen, the full number would be 911234567890. Then go to https://wa.me/phonenumber and replace the phone number with your own 12-digit number (country code + mobile number). Finally, click Message on the screen that appears. This is it. you will now be directly redirected to your own contact's WhatsApp chat screen from which you can then easily send messages to yourself.

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Sending a message to yourself via the WhatsApp group

I kept this method for sending WhatsApp messages to me at the end, as it involves using the phone number of another user for a little while. As you may have guessed, we will create a group, add a new member, and then delete it later. This will also notify it that you have added and then removed it from the group. So only use a contact from your close friends or a family member.

But can't you just add yourself to the group? Well not really. Indeed, WhatsApp requires you to add at least one member to a group outside of you. Since you are the administrator of the group, you are automatically selected and added to this group, and therefore not counted.

So, to create a new group and send you WhatsApp messages, follow the steps below. In addition, WhatsApp also received a long-awaited dark mode. Check out our guide to activate it immediately on your app.

whatsapp group

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap the overflow icon located at the top right.
  2. To select New group in the menu.
  3. Select the desired member from the list, give them a name and a display image (optional). Tap the check mark to confirm the decision.
  4. The group will therefore be created. You must now remove the other member from the group. To do this, tap on the group name and under the participant list, tap on the user you want to delete.
    delete a member
  5. Finally, select Remove and press D & #39; agreement in the confirmation. You will now be the only one in the group.

With that, we conclude this guide on how to send WhatsApp messages. We mentioned three different methods for the same thing. Which one will you end up using? Let us know in the comments section below.

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