3 Ways to Send WhatsApp Messages to Unsaved Numbers

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I always feel lazy when someone who is not in my contacts asks me to send them a message. This happens especially when it comes to a one-time business. I find it easier to convince them to send me the first message. Fortunately, there are 3 ways to send WhatsApp messages to people who are not already in your contacts. There is no need to save a number to send WhatsApp messages and, below, we will discuss all of these ways for WhatsApp without registering a number.

One of the most boring things about WhatsApp is the fact that you can not send messages to unsaved numbers in your contacts. You can not just send a message to someone just by typing his phone number. Well, you do not need to get frustrated with this WhatsApp flaw because there are three ways to send WhatsApp messages to unsaved or unknown numbers without saving a number in your contacts list. The methods described below work on Android iOS and Windows PC.

If someone has transferred you someone's contact on WhatsApp, you can send him messages without saving his number. But you simply can not continue to perform these steps each time. Fortunately, some workarounds can work around this limitation. In this guide, we will discuss three methods for sending WhatsApp messages without saving a number on Android devices. Let's take a look at each of them. But this is just one of the many amazing tips related to WhatsApp. You should definitely check 25 WhatsApp tips and tricks to use as a pro.

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Send messages using wa.me WhatsApp links

By using the wa.me link, you can send WhatsApp messages without saving a number in your contacts list. This method is provided by WhatsApp itself, on which you can find out more by going to their site. FAQ section. Surprisingly, most users are not aware of this feature. If you are one of them, just follow these steps. First, you must enter the web address https://wa.me/phonenumber on any browser of your choice. Just replace the last part with the phone number and make sure you prefix the country / region code. But you do not add a prefix such as +, -, () or 00. For example, Indian users would enter the country code 91 as a prefix and then the 10-digit mobile number.

How to select WhatsApp message sending text

In this section of the guide on sending WhatsApp messages to people not listed in the contact list, we will discuss the fastest and easiest way to send WhatsApp messages. Unfortunately, this method does not seem to work for all devices. Although it works quite well on various Pixel and Android One devices, some Huawei and Samsung users have not been able to use this feature. Whatever it is, there is no harm in trying this incredible trick. It would only take a few seconds.

send a WhatsApp shortcut in the dialer

Just select the entire phone number by sliding the selector. You will then be presented with options such as call, cut, copy, paste and three vertical dots to further develop the menu. Press and select Message next to the WhatsApp logo. That's it. You will now access the WhatsApp Write Messages section with the number of the sender already entered.

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Using a third-party application

Finally, to send WhatsApp messages to people not listed in the contact list, we would take the help of a third-party application. Although I never guarantee any third-party application or software, I had to make an exception. This was made possible thanks to Click to chat application for Android application. This is an extremely light application (119 KB) without any advertising. But the main reason this application has attracted me is that it does not require any permissions as such. It would only require creating a shortcut and nothing else. So, if you are the ones who want the work done in an automated way, try it.

click to discuss the application

The method of using this application is exactly similar to that mentioned in the first step. in the prefix section, just enter the country / region code (eg 91 for India), then enter the 10-digit mobile number. Again, make sure do not attach any sign +, -, () or 00 in the prefix section. It also allows you to type the message from its application only. Just click on the down arrow to expand the application and type your message in the space provided. Finally, press Open. The message will be entered in the WhatsApp message writing section (as shown in the picture above), you will simply need to send the message.

With this, we conclude the guide on how to send WhatsApp messages without adding a number without saving a number or adding it to your contacts. Tell us in the comments section below the method you used among the three.

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