5 Signs You Need to Improve Your Hotel’s Service Quality – In 2021

5 Signs You Need to Improve Your Hotel’s Service Quality – In 2022

When was the last time you thought about the quality of your hotel experience? Almost never, we believe. However, even if it did, how much time did you spend thinking about tactics to improve the guest experience at your hotel? Catering revolves entirely around the customer. In fact, all service industries have placed their epicenter of activity in improving the customer experience. Whether they are shopping center customers or in this case hotel customers. So even if you don’t want or don’t have time, especially in the middle of the season, you need to change focus as soon as possible to deliver a better customer experience. However, many hotels ignore this fact. Instead, they focus on just one thing. Reservations.

However, it is only when the season arrives and the tax calculation begins that you realize that you are not working at full capacity as before and the income is much worse. At that moment, an alarm goes off indicating that something is wrong. Here are some of the things that will tell you that.

1. You don’t have regular guests

When someone is happy with the service at the hotel and their stay at this property is pleasant, it makes sense that they will always return. Why look for something better when he has already found what he wants. Of course, many prefer to change every year, but this is usually the younger population. So if you notice that you have lost your repeat customers, ask yourself what the problem is. It is very likely that the quality of service will not be the same as before.

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2. Fewer and fewer customers stop for a drink and lunch

People who are not hotel guests often come to the hotel restaurant. It is a frequent place for business lunches. However, you have noticed that the collective of the neighborhood marketing firm no longer holds its business meetings in your hotel as it did before.

3. The complaints book is full

Many customers will simply leave if they are not happy with the service and never come back. But there are also many who must express their dissatisfaction before leaving the establishment. Print books serve this purpose. Go through it and read every comment. Of course, the situation is not alarming if there are 3-4 negative comments and more than 80 positive comments, but if the number of both is approximate, be careful what customers are complaining about.

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4. Guests do not spend the day in the hotel area

If your hotel has golf courses, tennis courts, a fitness center, sauna, swimming pool and many other facilities and your guests are not staying in the hotel, it means that something is wrong. The most common reason people feel repulsive is hygiene. Make sure all is well in this area.

5. Cleaners are provided in the room

Before the guest enters the room, the maid cleans the rooms completely and change the bed linen. This is something that will work every day during the guests’ stay. However, if, despite everything being cleaned, you find that the guest has cleaning products in the hotel room, or that their bed linen is on the bed, this is more than an obvious sign. that the hygiene of the room is not at the level it should be.

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How to improve the service?

The good thing is that all is not lost and this situation is saved. Here are some suggestions that will have a positive impact on the business.

Work on the site

The first impression is the most important, many think. Hotels that stick to their service are featured on beautiful and convenient websites. If guests get a good impression of it when they arrive on the hotel’s website, you’ve taken a step in the right direction


Many don’t like to hear the word renovation because it means you will have to spend some money. However, it is important to know that this is a smart investment that will pay off in the long run. Seek the advice of an architect, interior designer, try to make the most of the space you have in the building. Sure deskflex.com you will know more.

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Change menu

If you notice that many are praising the hotel food, this is another sign by which it can be recognized that this is a quality place to vacation. Great food is the result of great kitchen staff and excellent, mostly home-made ingredients.

Organize fun parties

Make sure to design evenings of entertainment or live music, whatever will bring your guests to life.

Hotel cosmetics

It might seem less important, but if a customer decides to spend a few thousand dollars a week just on a hotel room, or $ 600-800 a weekend at a so-called good hotel, then he really has the right to expect to be pampered. the. And the important comfort of the best hotels certainly includes the best cosmetics in hotel bathrooms. Cheap and bad cosmetics send the same message as a bad breakfast: you are here to make as much money as possible.

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Bed sheets

Bedding should be clean and comfortable. It doesn’t have to be expensive bedding of the highest quality, but it should be of medium quality, made of comfortable and skin-friendly natural materials. Let the interior of the room be calming, not too colorful and with too much detail. Remember the rules of the fashion world – less is more.

Final thoughts

Customers pay particular attention to their time and to those in charge of organizing their free time. In addition to understanding time as an important part of nonverbal communication, a special discipline has been formed which deals with the study of time in communication – the chronicle. Non-verbal communication in catering has a much greater impact on the customer than verbal communication.

Due to the ability to confirm the sincerity or insincerity of the words spoken, the authors associate the nonverbal context of the conversation with the development of feelings in the guest. Bad experiences are often suppressed in the expressed part and what remains in human perception the longest are the feelings or what the customers felt while staying in a hotel, restaurant, etc.

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