6 Best Voice Changer Software for Windows in 2020 [Free]

Voice changer software

No one can deny that they do not want to change their voice once in their life. Well, I've certainly gone through the phase and the pleasure is unlimited. My reason was to make a joke to my friends and to make them hard to identify about the caller. You can also do the same with your friends or even strangers if you want to use the voice change software.

In this article, discover the best voice change software that will allow you to realize your dreams of pranks.

Best voice changer software for Windows

Well, now that you have the best voice change software, it's time to use it to the fullest. Here is the list of hits for you.

1. Voxal

In addition to giving only a distortion to your voice, this voice change software is known for a lot more. It comes with a varied list of options that allows you to change your voice as you wish.

There are a multitude of classic options with the help of which you can also change your tone. You have the advantage of changing your voice from man to woman. Plus, you can use the voice of a robot or even an alien. Laughs and laughter come and believe me, you can not get enough.

Download right here

2. MorphVox

When it comes to Best Voice Changer Software, this one steals the show. It proposes a principle that allows anyone to use three tones at a time. According to this principle, it offers the possibility to anyone to change their voice, as they wish.

Voice Changer Software

You can also use this software during a conversation or to sing in a different voice. That's exactly what makes it a great choice. Now you can chat online or even on the phone with someone by completely changing your voice.

However, you must be responsible for the sequelae.

You can download this right here.

3. Diamond Voice Changer Software

The software is very easy to use and includes all the main features. You have no problem while using this software. The application comes with different options whereby you can change your voice.

This voice change software works well with audiobooks and audio messages. The complementary store allows you to download as many effects as you want. There are many tutorials on youtube on which you can know how to use these special effects. This tool can also help you with your audio projects and help you record your voice.

Download this software right here

4. Virtual personality

Do you have the dream of becoming someone else? Well, honestly, I have heard many times about it and I would really like to be someone else. As difficult as it may seem, that's it. But do not panic, if I can not look like a famous personality, at least I can look like one.

With this superior voice changer, you can get the voice of your favorite personality. The database includes all known names that you can use to transform your voice. It's never bad to try, is not it? So, give yourself a chance with this amazing voice change app.

Plus, you can also joke your friends. You can call them and tell them your name (which will certainly be a famous personality). You can have the voice, so they will not know anything about it. However, the disappointment will come to them at the end, but it will be worth it. You do not think?

With that, your voice does not matter anymore, nor does your gender. You can also be a guy and use a female personality known as a voice option.

5. Voicemod

Voicemod is a voice changer for Windows. It is compatible with various tools, including Skype, Discord, HRT, etc. It comes with a modifier that is essentially for players who can make fun discussions with their friends online.

This voice changer is compatible with many software and communication options, including PUBG, fortnite, etc. It also offers the ability to chat online by changing your voice in Windows, which we would certainly like to do while chatting.

You can download this voice changer software for Windows right here.

6. All-in-one voice changer

This software is free to use and download. You can use it during conversations and calls, depending on your needs. One of the advantages of this software lies in the fact that it can be associated with different applications (messaging) such as Yahoo.

So, now, if you have problems with Yahoo Messenger, you can use it as an alternative. During calls, you can change the tones of your voice accordingly. You even have the advantage of changing from man to woman as you wish.

You can download this voice changer software right here.

6 free voice change software for games

Here is the list of the best voice changers for Windows that you can start using for free.

1. Voxal
2. MorphVox
3. Diamond Voice Changer
4. Virtual personality
5. Voicemod
6. All-in-one voice changer


This was the Free Voice Changer software for Windows 10, 8, 7. Here you can not only find the best voice change software, but also the free software. You can use them as you like to joke your friends or make other strange calls. Whatever it is, make sure you have fun!

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