6 Modern Programming Languages That are Trending Now

6 Modern Programming Languages That are Trending Now

If you are planning to start learning a programming language and you haven’t chosen one yet, we understand you. Since there are hundreds of programming languages ​​out there, it’s really not that easy to make this decision. The demand is huge and that is why new programming languages ​​are constantly appearing with different characteristics which are becoming more and more attractive. Of course, learning any programming language can be exhausting. So you have to be prepared to put in a lot of effort and time if you really want to.

However, if you are already familiar with some programming languages, we are sure you understand what we are talking about. No matter how many of them you know, new ones are always welcome. Our advice is to choose something different and preferably more modern. To help you find something that is most in demand today, we’ve put together a list of several that are very popular.

1. Python

Source: versdatascience.com

We present to you one of the most sought-after programming languages ​​that you can learn today and thus position yourself strongly in certain professions. If this is your goal, Python is definitely a great choice. It is quite powerful and flexible and is used for web and software development, robotics, artificial intelligence, etc. Moreover, the companies that use it say a lot about it, and these are the major companies like Google, Facebook, Mozilla, etc. object oriented programming language is used to develop programs and applications in various fields.

2. JavaScript

Source: ionos.com

Unlike the previous program, JavaScript is one of the most complex and it will take you a little longer to master it. Of course, don’t let that put you off, but see this program as a challenge. It is already a great motivation to start. Keep in mind that this is actually a very diverse program and ideal for those who want to become full stack programmers. So it is an object oriented scripting language that is at a very high standard and that is why we have chosen it as one of the most sought after programs. It’s a very dominant choice when it comes to web design, but of course there’s HTML and CSS too.

That is why JavaScript is extremely desirable among experts around the world. Its main advantages are a high level of interactivity, the possibility of working locally, which means that communication with the server is minimal. Then a rich interface and flawless instant feedback as there is no need to reload the page.

3. Swift

Source: stackoverflow.com

While this one is also object oriented, it is more often used for the purpose of writing software for Apple. Unlike the previous ones, it can be said that this one is a relatively new phenomenon, but due to its characteristics, it quickly rose through the ranks of popularity. Today, it is among the other popular programs for a reason, and that is because of its ease of use, stability, and security. On top of that, a big contribution to its popularity has been made by the fact that it is open source.

This is great news because it is accessible to everyone. So anyone can use it for free and modify it. When we talk about its simplicity, it is important to underline that it is above all very understandable and therefore with the advent of this program the number of lines of code has decreased.

4. Erlang

Source: twitter.com

This programming language is very applicable and comes with great features, which is why it is on our list of suggestions. It is very functional and dynamically written and we can say it has set high standards. This therefore requires strong competitiveness. Its biggest advantage is the exceptional percentage of fault tolerance and distribution.

For example, it is used for the Facebook service for WhatsApp and important work needs to be done. This refers to a large number of messages which only need to be conveyed on a daily basis and which should run smoothly. However, this program works very well and was created to provide services to millions of users. Read this article to familiarize yourself even more with the Erland language!

5. Scala

Source: simplilearn.com

Scala is certainly the one who contributes to the very idea of ​​introducing functional elements of programming into daily work. If you are interested in server and mobile applications, we are sure you will be delighted with this program. So it is part of a new generation and it can be said that it reflects modern trends. It works great thanks to a combination of objective and functional programming. Considering that a large portion of programmers have spent a great deal of their time dealing with an objectively oriented principle, Scala is a real refresh.

We say this because a large part of these people continued to work as before, but the other did not overlook this potential and missed the opportunity to improve. In addition to advancing on a personal level, each of them accomplished much more as a programmer. So embrace a new paradigm, a new way of thinking, and a problem-solving approach.

6. C #

Source: mfranc.com

C # or C sharp is also a modern, object-oriented and widely used model. It uses static semantics unlike some other programs which use dynamic semantics. For example, compared to Python, this programming language is not that simple. However, it has something else and that refers to a rather better performance. It belongs to the group of the newer ones and is intended for creating software for the .NET Framework platform.

If you opt for this program, you can enjoy a truly productive and comfortable creation of software products.


We have therefore listed some programming languages ​​considered to be the most sought after and which contribute to software development on a daily basis. That’s a lot of fantastic tools, impeccable support, a lot of libraries, etc. Keep in mind that each of the more modern languages ​​can lead you to a much higher salary, as this is one of the main market requirements today. Either way, we hope you have found some interesting programs that are perfect for you.

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