AI Image Enlarger lets you enlarge an image of low to high resolution

AI Image Enlarger lets you enlarge an image of low to high resolution

Photoshop is not the only software to offer the ability to enlarge your images with the help of artificial intelligence. Many other tools help you improve and enhance your small and low definition images. In addition, they are free. AI image enlarger for Windows and Mac is one of these free software.

Enlarge a picture with AI Image Enlarger

AI Image Enlarger is powered by AI technology and the pioneering SRCNN structure. As such, he can enlarge the images. Let's see how it works!

AI Image Enlarger is available for both platforms – Windows and Mac. So, download the desired version (Windows, in this case). The latest version of the free software is fully compatible with Windows 1o / 8/7.

After downloading and installing the program, run it to launch it.

Enlarge photo

The interface of AI Image Enlarger, as it appears, is very basic and quite simplistic. You can either drag the image into the provided section, or click the buttonFileThe menu to access the menuAdd an image'Option.

From there, you can navigate to the image to enlarge and select it.

When the image is loaded, the program allows you to configure its style and ratio. As you can see in the picture above, the four picture styles are as follows:

  • Works of Art
  • Photo
  • Quick
  • Ranking officer

In addition, you can choose from two magnification ratios:

Press the Submit button when you are ready to send the data to the server for processing. It starts magnifying within 30 seconds and, when stopped, displays an option to download the image to your desktop.

Please note that AI Image Enlarger can increase and enhance small images (no more than 3.5 MB for the .exe file and less than 1 MB for the .dmg file). In addition, this limits the type of images that you can process.

Nevertheless, the tool works well and constitutes an interesting download. Go for AI Image Enlarge from official site.

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