Android 12

Android 12

Android 12 beta 4 focuses on polishing the performance and stability of new Google software ahead of its final release.

Android 12 is now close to stable release as beta 4 drops today

The stable beta of Android 12 is here: there will be no more major changes

We are only one step away from the stable version of Android 12. Google today released the fourth beta of Android 12, which is in the final phase of software testing.

The latest beta of Android 12 focuses on polishing performance and stability. The launch brings Android 12 to the performance stability milestone, which means all interfaces and app behaviors are locked and loaded. this would affect when your apps are ready for a stable release.

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Google has advised all developers to install the production version of their apps on a device with Android 12 Beta 4 so they can review and test any behavioral changes in Android 12, such as new features in Android 12. Android 12, such as control panel, microphone and camera are displayed. , App startup screens and more affect your apps.

In the meantime, the beta doesn’t bring any new mainstream functionality, at least none that we’ve seen so far. Beta testers should be able to test everything Google has announced for Android 12 so far.

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How to get Android 12 beta 4
If you already have Android 12 Beta 3 or any of the earlier Beta versions, you should see an OTA update to upgrade to Beta 4.

You can now test the new version on your Pixel devices. Android 12 Beta 4 will also be available on qualifying Asus, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, and ZTE phones. Please note that each brand manages its own registrations and support, and sends beta updates directly to you.

In addition to phones, beta 4 is also available for Android TV so developers can see the latest features and test their apps on the new Google TV platform.

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Google specifies that the release candidate of Android 12 should arrive in the coming weeks, while the final version should appear a little later, probably in September.

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