Best free Adobe Illustrator Alternatives that are web-based

Best free Adobe Illustrator Alternatives that are web-based

Adobe Illustrator is one of the best tools of its kind on the market. If you are a graphic designer who wants to create high quality content, chances are you are considering using Adobe Illustrator. However, owning this tool has cost a lot of money, so what are your options? Well, the best bet right now is to look for free programs that offer functionality similar to Illustrator. For your peace of mind, we will list the best free alternatives to Adobe Illustrator there, but we should note that if you are a professional we suggest that you spend some money as these tools are mainly aimed at amateurs or amateurs on a low budget.

Without forgetting that the programs which were going to be discussed are available on platforms apart from Windows and Mac, therefore if you prefer to use Linux for the graphic edition, then continue reading because this article is also for you.

Best free alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

Here are some of the free Adobe Illustrator alternatives that can help you create high-quality content:

  1. Vectr
  2. Can go
  3. Inkscape
  4. Gravity Designer.

Let’s take a look.


This tool supports all web browsers, as well as a downloadable version for Windows, Linux and Chrome OS. Now we have to point out that we are going to focus on the web version today as it can be used on any Windows computer from anywhere in the world.

Okay, the first thing the user will notice with Vectr is that it doesn’t come with a ton of features, which means a lack of complexity. This is a good thing from our point of view, since this tool is mainly intended for regular users.

If you are the type of person who regularly creates social media cover pages, then Vectr is your friend. Visit Vectr Online.

2]Can go

From what we have gathered, Canva is very easy to use, but not only very popular as well. One can easily understand why Canva is so popular as it offers 50,000 design models for various cases. If you want to create logos, posters, covers, etc., Canva is one of the best tools on the web today.

Unfortunately, the user is unable to create elements from scratch since there are no design tools. Simply select a model from the list and customize it as you wish.

Keep in mind that the free version only offers more than 8,000 models, more than 100 models and thousands of free images.

Visit Canva Online.


For quite some time, Inkscape has established itself as one of the best in the industry when it comes to alternatives to Adobe Illustrator. Most people only know about Inkscape as a desktop tool, but via the RollApp service, it can be used on the web.

Things are not the best as the full desktop user interface is crowded into the web browser. However, for the most part, it seems to work quite well. Not to mention that there is a learning curve for anyone who uses the tool for the first time.

Once the user understands the essentials of using Inkscape, the experience becomes much better, and that is the final reward, as well as an impressive freedom of creativity. Visit Inkscape Online.

4]Gravit Designer

Just like the online tool, Vectr, there is an option to download a desktop version of Gravit Designer for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. The web version will work anywhere via any web browser, and yes, both versions support cloud synchronization.

Most of the basic Illustrator functionality you are looking for is in Gravit Designer, but don’t expect it to compete on the same level as the Adobe tool.

Now, when it comes to creating shapes, this program makes it super easy. In addition, there is also a freehand tool, which means that drawing becomes easier than expected.

Since we are using the free version, we must point out that it is only online, therefore no option for working offline from the browser. In addition, there is a space limit of 500 MB and the color space is only RGB. Visit Gravit Designer Online.

We hope these tools are right for you.

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