Best free online Keyboard Checker and Tester tool

Keyboard Tester and Checker

It is not very difficult to determine which keys on your PC keyboard are working properly and which are not. There are many free apps that can help you test the health of your keyboard in seconds. Keyboard checker and Keyboard tester are two online keyboard testers to check the health of your keyboard.

Best Free Keyboard Tester

Before crying or making an impulsive decision, you can check to see if your keyboard is really broken or if it's just an inconvenient function and giving you a hard time. The keyboard checker website can:

  1. Regular key test
  2. Test special keys
  3. Display the last keys pressed

Practicing the keyboard test will not only allow you to save on an unnecessary purchase, but to find the real problem hidden in the mechanics of the computer.

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1) Test the regular keys

Keyboard tester and verifier

To test a normal key, just press the key on your keyboard. If it works and works well, the key will turn green as in the screenshot above.

2) Test the special keys

The online keyboard checker can also test special keys such as ‘Numeric keypad& #39; key. All you have to do is switch the ‘Hide numeric keypad / Show numeric keypad.

Like ordinary keys, if the keypad keys work, they will turn green.

3) Display the last key pressed

In addition to displaying the operation of the keys, the tool also displays the last key pressed. It is important to note that the keys which appear in gray as "A function"Key and"ready sc»Cannot be tested.

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Keyboard Checker passes the keyboard test on all laptops regardless of brands. In addition, it is extremely useful when you want to know if your F1 and F12 keys are still working. Finding this can be difficult because you cannot enter them in a document or file.

Plus, the good part is that the keyboard test easily adapts to your system. So no matter if you are using a Windows 10 keyboard or a Mac keyboard, it works fine in any case.

You can test the 86 keys but there is no difference between the left and the right "Shift, Control, Alt, Command or the Windows key.

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Go to to test the free app. is another similar online tool for testing your keyboard. This site even offers a monophonic sound experience.

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