Best Horror movies on Netflix 2020

People love horror movies for a reason. The thrill triggers the same reaction as a difficult adventure can, keeping you up all night. Horror movies are exactly what we need to kill the monotony in our lives. So, we will discuss the best horror movies on Netflix.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix

The 1990s and 2000s weren’t the best years for horror movies. If it is difficult to understand why the directors did not explore this niche, the lack of films was compensated in the 2010s. Here we present the collection of the best horror films on Netflix:

  1. The conspiracy (2013)
  2. Jane Doe’s Autopsy (2016)
  3. Mercy Black (2014)
  4. Before I wake up (2016)
  5. Death Note (2017)
  6. The Ring (2002)
  7. Sinister (2012)
  8. Oculus (2013)
  9. Would you rather (2012)
  10. As above, so below (2014).

1]The conspiracy (2013)

Everyone knows about the conspiracy. You have probably already watched it. But no better list of horror movies is complete without this franchise. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga make the experience so real.

The interesting part is that this film is actually based on real events. This film also gave way to Annabelle’s films. The Annabelle doll, the Warren family, the Perron family all exist. This is what makes it so scary!

2]Jane Doe’s Autopsy (2016)

Jane Doe's Autopsy (2016)

A horrible murder that looks like a mysterious death, unanswered questions and the quest for the truth. Jane Doe’s autopsy is one of the best horror movies on Netflix because it isn’t about paranormal or supernatural elements. It is evil in us humans. The film will remind you of all the horrible murders you have read or heard about. It’s hard to watch, be warned.

3]Mercy Black (2014)

Mercy Black (2014)

Author Owen Egerton is relatively new to the world of filmmaking, but he knows his way in horror. Mercy Black, available on Netflix, speaks of an evil spirit that the protagonist evokes. It’s a movie about the repercussions of stupid mistakes. If you have some sort of Ouija board, this film will make you very careful about using it. Because sometimes it’s more than our own life that is at stake.

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4]Before I wake up (2016)

Before I wake up (2016)

Speaking of new filmmakers, Mike Flanagan has been on the block for less than two decades. He is already one of the best directors in the Horror genre. Before I Wake is not just another horror film. It gives us a significant insight into a child’s psyche. This does not diminish the scary factor of the film. In fact, it’s one of the few horror movies that doesn’t depend on fear of jumping at all. It is really fright. It’s as fantastic as it is horrible. It’s my favorite in the Fantasy Horror genre.

5]Death Note (2017)

Death Note (2017)

Directed by Adam Wingard, this American neo-black was at the center of every online Movie forum the day of its release on Netflix. This supernatural horror film is based on the manga by Tsugumi Ohba which originally contains 12 volumes.

The film is about a laptop that has the power to kill. Anyone who finds that he should do so is to write down the name of the target and the mode of death chosen. You could say that the concept is similar to that of the final destination. The mere lack of control over one’s own destiny is horrible and exactly what keeps viewers hooked on the film.

6]The Ring (2002)

The Ring (2002)

Yet another adaptation of Japanese films, The Ring has managed to scare even those who find horror films funny. The original film itself was based on the novel by Koji Suzuki, published 11 years before the first Hollywood adaptation.

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The realistic performances of Naomi Watts and David Dorfman made the bizarre story compelling, and Daveigh Chase made a scary ghost. Gore Verbinski’s adventure in the Horror genre had raised fan skepticism. But the film turned out to be quite successful for two other sequels, The Ring II (2005) and Rings (2017).

7]Sinister (2012)


Speaking of The Ring, Sinister is a horror film based on real events. But in fact, it was inspired by The Ring. Co-author C. Robert Cargill had nightmares after watching The Ring. Sinister is the child of these nightmares.

The only common link between The Ring and Sinister is the video tapes. In Sinister, we see horrific murders on tape. And Bughuul, the demon behind the murders, would also have been a real demon. But there is nothing to fear. None of this is true. Watch it for a scary ride, but no harm will follow you.

8]Oculus (2013)


Another horror of Mike Flanagan, Oculus seems to be a regular horror film with a haunting mirror. However, the plot offers more than seems to the eye. The constant debate between sinister energy and mental illness makes the film open to interpretation. It was one of Flanagan’s first films, and so he was addicted to fear jumps. If you want to feel fear and despair, watch this movie. It’s one of the scariest new movies on Netflix.

9]Would you rather (2012)

Would you prefer

Director David Guy Levy has worked in all genres for over a decade. Would you rather is a horror film that leaves no stone to terrorize the mind of anyone who watches. This film is based on a dangerous game that becomes fatal for many. It’s about making choices when you don’t know better. Even though most of us would never find ourselves in a situation similar to that of the characters in the film, helplessness and futility make it a staple on Netflix.

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ten]As above, so below (2014)

As above so below

John Erick Dowdle is known for his mysteries. Like above, so below is one of its best. Perdita Weeks, Ben Feldman, Francois Civil, Edwin Hodge, Marion Lambert and others gave incredible performances to attract viewers to their world of horror.

Shot in the real catacombs of Paris, the film will make you feel claustrophobic if you try to empathize with the characters. Ironically, Ben Feldman is claustrophobic in real life and has had trouble shooting. When you watch the movie, you will know it was worth it.

Did we miss your favorite? Which movie did you like in this list? Please let us know in the comments.

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