Best Opera browser tips and tricks for better browsing

Best Opera browser tips and tricks for better browsing

Opera is a feature-rich browser for multiple platforms, including Windows 10. If you recently installed the Opera browser on your computer and don’t know much about it, you should check out this article. Here are some of the best Opera browser tips and tricks for better navigation so you can get the most out of it.

Opera browser tips and tricks

We’ll talk about tips and tricks on the Opera browser that will help you:

  1. Check Facebook and WhatsApp messages in the sidebar
  2. Use my feed
  3. Customize the start page
  4. Activate Do not track
  5. Smart text selection
  6. Edit screenshots
  7. Use an integrated VPN
  8. Activate battery saver
  9. Import bookmarks and settings from another browser
  10. Find text in all open tabs

1]Check Facebook and WhatsApp messages in the sidebar

This is probably the most useful feature of the Opera browser. If you often spend time checking Facebook and WhatsApp messages on your mobile when using a PC, you should find this feature very useful. You don’t need to download software or open a browser tab to get them. To start with this functionality, click on the corresponding icon and configure your account.

2]Use my feed

If you have the Opera Touch application on your Android or iOS mobile and want to send items between your mobile and your PC, you can use this option. It’s called My Flow and requires basic configuration. The process is simple because you only need to scan a QR code. Then you can send data from one device to another. If you get this option in the left sidebar, you need to open Settings> Advanced> Features> My feed and activate the toggle button.

3]Customize the start page

The start page or the new tab page displays a lot of information that may not be useful to you. If so, you can show or hide different sections of the settings panel. To do this, open Settings> Advanced> Browser. Here you can find a section called Home Page. Now use the toggle buttons to show or hide specific items such as the search field, speed dial, speed dial suggestions, larger thumbnails, etc.

4]Activate Do not track

Almost all website administrators use different services to collect visitor statistics which include your browser name, language, operating system, etc. However, if you do not wish to provide this information, you can activate Do not track. To do this, go to Settings> Advanced> Privacy and security. From here, flip the button that says Send a Do Not Track request with your browsing traffic.

5]Smart text selection

When another browser does not display anything after selecting text, Opera offers a few options to do more. For example, if you select a phrase or word on any website, you can instantly find three options: Find, Copy, and Sent to My Feed. Then you can use any of these options to get more information.

6]Edit screenshots

If you are using the Opera browser, you do not need to install a screenshot editing extension in your browser. Opera has built-in options so you can capture and edit screenshots without leaving the browser. To start, open the web page you want to capture and click on the Instantaneous visible button in the address bar.

Now you can use your mouse to select the region you want to capture. After capturing, you can find options to add different things, such as arrow, shape, text, emoji, etc.

Finally, you can save the screenshot to your PC.

seven]Use an integrated VPN

The Opera browser comes with a built-in VPN so you can unlock regionally blocked content without third-party software. To activate and use the integrated VPN, go to Settings> Advanced> Features and switch the Enable VPN button.

After that, you should see a VPN text in the address bar when browsing websites.

8]Activate battery saver

If your browser consumes a lot of battery, you might not like it when you use the browser on a laptop. However, this shouldn’t be a problem with the Opera browser as it has a built-in battery saver. It reduces the number of background processes so that users can use the browser a little longer than usual. To activate this function, you must go to Settings> Advanced> Features and switch Activate battery saver button.

9]Import bookmarks and settings from another browser

It is possible to import bookmarks and settings from another browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. To be precise, it is possible to import parameters, browsing history, bookmarks, saved passwords and cookies. To get started, go to Settings> Basic> Synchronization. Here you have to click on the option called Import bookmarks and settings.

After that, select the source browser and check the box you want to import. Finally, click on the Import button.

P.S. If you have an Opera account, you can visit the same place and enter your account details to synchronize everything on multiple devices.

ten]Find text in all open tabs

If you have opened ten or fifteen tabs in the Opera browser and want to search for text in all the open tabs. To do this, press Ctrl + Space and start typing your text.

It displays the result as you type so you can open the tab instantly.

Here are some of the best tips and tricks from the Opera browser for better navigation. I hope this will help you get started with this browser.

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