Change Device Name on Android for WiFi / Bluetooth / Hotspot

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In this tutorial, we will see how to change the name of the Android device in the device settings. In addition, we will also describe how to change the name of the WiFi Direct and Hotspot network and the name of the Bluetooth connection for Android devices.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the most used connectivity modes on smartphones to share Internet data and transfer files from one device to another. If you are looking for a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection with your Android phone or tablet, you will see a generic or personalized name of the detected devices. If you are new to Android, this little tutorial will help you assign a personalized name to your Android phone or tablet that will appear when other devices search for yours. Let’s see how we can change the device name for WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile hotspot or connection sharing.

There’s nothing wrong with setting up a device name for WiFi and Bluetooth, and that’s why I call it a beginners guide. If you are a smart Android user, please don’t go beyond this point. All the options already exist in the phone settings, I’m just going to tell you how to dig into it.

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Change the name of the Android device from the settings

The easiest way to change the device name of your Android device is to do it from the About the phone screen itself. Open settings on your phone or tablet, scroll to About the phone or device and tap it. On the next screen, tap Name of the device, then enter the name of your device in the text field and select Okay.

Change Android device name – OnePlus 6

Please note: If you have a Samsung Galaxy device, you only need to change the device name and your Bluetooth name and WiFi Direct name will be automatically set. Go to Settings> About phone and press the Edit under the device name. Type the name of your personalized device and select Finished.

Changing the name of the Samsung Galaxy S9 phone
Change the name of the Android device – Samsung Galaxy S9 +

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Changing the Bluetooth name

  1. Before you can change the Bluetooth settings, you must first activate it. Bluetooth can also be activated by pressing the slider Settings> Bluetooth.
  2. Open settings on your Android device and tap Bluetooth option.
  3. Press the Name of the device and enter the new name of your phone or tablet and press Okay. On OnePlus devices, you will be able to see the device name after selecting Pair a new device option. On some Android devices, you must tap the 3-dot vertical menu icon to see the option to rename the device.
    change the name Bluetooth android
    Change Bluetooth name on Android

Change the name WiFi Direct on Android

The assignment of the desired device name is roughly the same as that of Bluetooth. Let’s see how you can do it.

  1. Again, to change the WiFi settings, you will need to activate it first. Access your device settings panel and press the rocker to activate it
  2. Then press the “Wireless” text to see the configuration screen.
  3. Press on “Wi-Fi Direct”or launch the options menu to see the “Wi-Fi Direct” (for AOSP), then press it.
  4. Now tap the menu icon with 3 vertical dots to see the “Rename the phone” or “Rename device” option.
  5. Type the preferred name in the text box and select Okay to save him.
    change the direct wifi name
    Change the name WiFi Direct on Android

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Change the name of the WiFi access point on Android

If you want to customize the name of your Android phone for the Wi-Fi hotspot and connection sharing, go to Settings> Mobile / Wi-Fi hotspot and connection sharing and turn it on. Then press Access point name and type the name you want to display. On some Android phones, you must press the 3-point menu icon and select Configure the mobile access point option to replace the existing name with a name of your choice.

Change the name of the wifi access point
Change the name of the WiFi access point on Android

So ends our easy tutorial, if it really is, for beginners. We just hope this will help you change the name of your Android device. Bluetooth name, Hotspot name and WiFi Direct name. For more useful tips and tricks for Android devices, be sure to shop around for our helpful tutorials. Cheers!

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