Criptext Encrypted Email Service Lets You Control Your Email Communications

Criptext encrypted email service

Anyone who reads this blog would have had this moment "oops" in life when they clicked on "Send" on an e-mail and would have repented a fraction of a second later. You may have forgotten to delete a section of the e-mail, you may have sent it to the wrong person, with the wrong line of subject. Or maybe you sent the wrong attachment. Well, it's a terrible moment when you know that it's gone and that you can not do anything to reverse it. To save yourself from such moments, try Criptext encrypted messaging service.

Criptext encrypted email service

The Criptext encrypted email service is a free email service for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS. This service allows you to encrypt, track and not send e-mails – totally according to your requirements.

With Criptext, you can revoke access to a message, set a timer to revoke access after a certain amount of time, and so on. It also has additional features, such as the ability to send larger attachments than the usual limitation of Gmail or the activation of read receipts. On top of that, the Criptext encrypted email service does not collect and store your data. All your e-mails are fully stored on your device, which guarantees maximum confidentiality and control. Beyond privacy, Criptext is the only email service to claim coveted signal encryption, making it probably the most secure messaging service of all time. The following are the main features of this tool:

  • End-to-end encryption -Email messages are locked with a unique key that is generated and stored only on the user's device, which means that only the user and his recipient read the e-mail e-mail sent.
  • Signal protocol – The Criptext encrypted mail service uses the open-source Signal Protocol library to encrypt user email.
  • No storage in the cloud – Unlike all other available e-mail services, this service does not store user e-mails on its servers. Instead, the entire inbox of the user is stored exclusively on his device, which ensures that no data collection occurs.
  • Open source – The Criptext source code is open to the entire privacy community to see how it really works.
  • Simple to use – Their application is designed to work just as easily as any other email application.
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Some more powerful features that give you the control you want:

  • Cancel sending e-mail – The Criptext encrypted email service allows you to resume an e-mail within the hour after it is sent. So, if you have sent an email in error, you can quickly cancel your action.
  • Real-time email tracking – With the real-time tracking feature, you can find out once your email is read.

With so many incredible features, this email service deserves to be tried.

Free and secure private email provider

Follow the following process to use the Criptext encrypted email service.

  1. Sign in to Criptext
  2. Synchronize mailboxes

Let's examine each of these steps in more detail.

1) Sign up for Criptext

You will need to install the desktop program or the mobile application and use it to register. Once done, the applications begin to create the encryption / decryption keys for your account on your device being used.

To download the desktop program, visit the Criptext website official site and click on "Download now & #39; button. Mobile versions are available on the respective iOS and Android stores, just search for "Criptext Secure Email » and download it to your device.

Free and secure private email provider

After downloading, follow these steps:

1) Wait for the end of your download

2) Run 'Criptext-latest.exe » to start the installation

3) Wait for the end of the installation. Criptext will launch automatically once the installation is complete.

4) If you did not register before clicking on 'S & #39; subscribe & # 39 ;.

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5) Fill in the required fields now, check 'Terms and conditions & #39; and check "Create an account & #39; to complete the registration process.

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When creating an account, you have the option to enter a recovery email address. Make sure you enter the same information correctly, as this may be necessary when you want to reset the password for your account.

2) Synchronize mailboxes

We wanted to see how we could connect to an existing account on a new device. So we downloaded the application on our mobile device; doing so, the desktop application prompted us to use the mobile client to approve the connection, but then offered a login option with the password.

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We approved the mailbox synchronization request on all devices.

The Criptext encrypted email service synchronizes the mailbox on all devices. Therefore, if the user sends an email from his mobile device, he will synchronize the same way in the program's sent folder. office and vice versa. Incoming emails are delivered to all devices. Here are some highlights of this feature:

  • Synchronize your emails up to 10 devices
  • Attachments have a size limit of 25 MB

There is no limit to the number of attachments you can send.

Sending an e-mail

Users can send an e-mail that they sent to contact; they have up to 60 minutes to reverse their actions. But, there is a problem here, users may not send e-mails sent only to other Criptext email accounts.

When an e-mail is sent to a non-Criptext e-mail address, a reverse action is not possible. Therefore, this service is only useful if your contacts use Criptext for the most part.

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Follow-up of an e-mail

The encrypted Criptext messaging service tells you when your sent email is open, but only for the first time. This means that the subsequent opening of the same e-mail is not notified. Criptext sends you a notification on the mobile application when the email is open, also the checkmark that appears on the email becomes blue when the e-mail mail is read; you can also view the notification in the activity feed.

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Mailbox support with encrypted Criptext messaging service

Users can back up their mailbox locally on the device or manually store it in the cloud. The backup is encrypted with a passphrase specified by the user himself. You can set your backup priorities by e-mail from "Settings & #39;.

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At the end…

Criptext The encrypted email service looks amazing, but it comes with its own set of restrictions. Criptext is not intended for casual users as it can not encrypt e-mails sent to addresses belonging to other services. The privacy and security that encryption offers are its main features. But unless you really manage to influence your contacts to switch to this platform, you will not be able to use it every day.

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