Download Instagram Photos and Videos on Android Devices

download Instagram photos and videos

Since its launch on the Android platform on April 3, 2012, Instagram, owned by Facebook, has become the unique app for all obsessed with selfies and Photoholics, by the way, just for your information, according to Wikipedia this same app has been downloaded and installed on Android devices over a million times on this date. The Play Store is full of apps that allow you to easily download Instagram photos and videos. Here are some of the best apps you can use to save Instagram photos and videos to your Android device.

A feature requested by many users since always is the ability to save photos and videos to their device, but to no avail this much-needed feature has never been integrated into the official app.

Today, I have for you the 3 best apps that are worth checking if you want to upload Instagram photos and videos directly to your Android device gallery.

OGInsta +

OGInsta +

This is my first choice among the three because it's actually an unofficial, full-fledged, identical Instagram client that works the same way and has all the features of 39; an official Instagram client, but with the ability to upload photos and videos, to zoom in and out. from any photo, download an article and you can even know who is following you by simply viewing their profile. The interface is exactly the same as that of the official Instagram client, from head to toe.

Press the three-dot button as you would normally with the share menu and you have the usual options available on the official app, but here in this app you have two additional options that are Download and Copy Share the URL. Download saves the multimedia content in your gallery. There is only one toast notification for download, which runs in the background. Copy Share URL allows you to share the URL of a photo or video with anyone or anywhere. Finishing at the end of all the features, this app also allows you to zoom in and out on a photo by simply hitting a photo.

This app is not available on the Google Play Store. You will have to download it and download it laterally to your phone, without forgetting to activate it. Unknown sources on your phone before installing this app by going in your phone settings > Security. Link to the official website is below.

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Inst Downloader for Instagram

Inst Downloader for Instagram

instagram plugin

Inst Downloader for Instagram is second on my list. This is not an unofficial client or something like OGInsta +, it's just a plugin for the official Instagram client that not only has a download feature, but also a feature called Activation bubbles which, after activating the preferences of this application, displays a bubble at each edge of the screen. These bubbles are for your reference and show you that you can slide from the left edge of the screen for quick access to hashtags and that these are ready to be saved, edited, copied and pasted.

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Similarly, slide your finger from the right edge of the screen to view the profiles you've used recently, as well as pin your latest favorite profiles to update their latest posts. You can disable these Activation bubbles if you want to do it in the preferences and at the same time, uploading a photo or video is done by pressing the three-dot button or the share button located to the right of each message, then pressing Copy share url.

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InstaSave video downloader

InstaSave by the developer TiredCruncher is a simple application to download your favorite Instagram media. You just have to activate the InstaSaver Check the box Instant backup check box to save the downloaded media without any confirmation. Launch Instagram by tapping the Instagram icon at the top of the screen and press the three-dot button or the share button and select Copy share the URL and voila!, you're done. The application will warn you that it does not fully support Android Nougat (7.0+) and that it may not work properly. Ignore this warning.

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Download the app from the Play Store:

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