Eqonomize: Personal accounting software for Windows 10

Eqonomize personal accounting software

Mariner's personal finances are a very important task and technology has always helped us do it. There are many mobile apps and web services that allow you to manage your personal finances. But the tool we examined in this post does a little more than that. This very effectively simplifies the accounting for a small household economy. Eqonomize is a free standalone software for Windows that allows you to manage your home finances in a very intuitive way.

Eqonomize Personal Accounting Software

This free accounting software is very comprehensive and includes all the features you may need to manage your finances. Once installed, you can start immediately by adding virtual accounts. You can replicate your existing accounts with the help of the opening balance feature. Once the accounts are added, it's time to add your revenue and expense categories. It comes with some pre-created categories, but you can add more according to your convenience.

You are now ready to add your transactions to the tool. Revenue and expense transactions had to be done separately from the different tabs. Once you have started adding your transactions and the tool contains enough data, you can start using other features such as budgeting.

Under Accounts and categories tab, you can view a summary of all your assets and liabilities in a single view. You can also define a budget for different expense categories, which will also be reflected in this tab.

Eqonomize offers another interesting feature: Ready management. You can add the details of your loan. The tool will help you manage your loan and track its evolution over time. Debt payments and also be added to loan management. You can also set up recurring transactions and schedule them so that you do not have to manually add them each time. Planned transactions can be of any type, including revenues, expenses, transfers, debt payments, and split transactions.

Eqonomize also allows you to manage your titles, which no other accounting software allows you to do. You can manage your stocks, mutual funds and other securities in the same tool you use to manage your finances. How is this practical?

The tool ensures that you have access to all the tools needed to manage your titles. You can manually update stock prices and perform trades such as buying and selling stocks.

The program also comes with excellent visualization tools. It allows you to customize and generate various expense reports and charts. These tools are really useful when you want to compare your accounts month after month.

Eqonomize is an excellent accounting software to use as a whole. The simplicity reflected even when you perform complex tasks is simply amazing. And the important thing about using this tool is that your data remains on your computer and you can delete it at any time. You can download it from github.io.

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