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Announced in 2015 by Google, Google Photos came with the intention of replacing the old Picasa. The service of storage and sharing of photos and videos is one of the most popular created by Google itself, counting with 1 billion downloads and an average 4.5 out of 5 Android only points.

With iOS, Android and Web support, Google photos can be enjoyed by all those looking for a quality, secure and advanced storage service. That’s why we here from Writing with Blog have prepared this amazing tutorial for you who are interested, or want to try Google’s robust service.

* Remembering that this tutorial is dedicated to the main and most interesting features of Google Photos.


To use Google Photos is mandatory to have a Google account, regardless of the version you are using whether it is the app, or web.You can create a Google account quickly and practically on the site Google-Click Here.


Google Photos has the Automatic Backup feature in its version for Android and IOS (app), with this feature every time a new photo and video has been created, it will be backed up in Google’s cloud storage service.

To activate just access settings, and check the Backup and Sync box and enjoy.


Being a Google service and storage service, Google Photos allows the synchronization between him and his brother Gdrive.Thus you can synchronize your files between both platforms and take better advantage of your free storage space.

To enable both app and web synchronization, just go to settings and select the checkbox corresponding to Gdrive.

To share

As a sharing service, Google Photos allows you to send photos and videos to an e-mail recipient in the web version, and if used as a gallery, to E-mail, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and other apps that accept in-app media.

To send you just select the files you want to send and choose one of the available sending options (web only saw email) and ready your files will be shared the way you requested.


What is better than a high-quality file? Hmm… a high-quality, space-saving file I think is the best answer. Google Photos has the spotlight on this issue by offering natively in its version web, a menu for you to choose between maintaining the maximum resolution or having your files with great quality and an INCREDIBLE STORAGE UNLIMITED if you choose the option to compress the files. All this for free.

To access this amazing functionality simply go settings and switch to the high quality option (unlimited storage)


For those who work with a partner, or have an intimate partner (spouse), Google Photos has the option of adding a partner account so that both have access to the photos and videos stored.

To add a partner account simply access the side menu and choose Add Account Partner, where after entering the email of the other person she will have access to Google photos (Remember that this person has to be in your email list, otherwise it will not work properly)


Innovative feature for a storage service, allows the user to create animation, videos, and even movies of their life by means of photos (videos not OK😉😉😉😉😉😉).

This feature is very popular because basically you do not need a website, or video editor app to create.

To take advantage of this feature, simply select the symbol + or create in the web version and app respectively and choose one of the options.

I hope you liked the post today, and now there is no excuse for you to say that your cell phone has no storage at all. If you use or already used Google Photos leave your experience in the comments and any doubt just send me a message to the [email protected].

Thank you very much for your presence and have a great day.

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