How to add or remove Keyboard layout in Windows 10

How to add Keyboard layout in Windows 10

By default, Windows 10 adds the keyboard layout based on your region settings. However, if necessary, you can add multiple keyboard layouts. In this article, we will show you the steps to follow to add or remove keyboard layout on Windows 10.

Switching to different layouts allows you to enter all characters of the language, including diacritics (a sign, such as "n" tilded ("not","NOT'), Which, when written above or below a letter, indicates a difference in pronunciation compared to the same letter when it is not marked or marked differently). Follow the steps below to add or remove the keyboard layout in Windows 10.

How to add a keyboard layout in Windows 10

To add or remove a keyboard layout in Windows 10:

  1. Open settings
  2. Click on Time and language
  3. Under its section, select Language
  4. Here, add or select a language
  5. Finally, install or remove the keyboard layout
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You can also choose to change the keyboard layout on Windows 10, but you need to add several first. Now let's see the procedure in detail.

1) Open the parameters

Press the Windows key located in the lower left corner of your computer screen and select "settings".

Choose ‘Time and language'Tile. In its section, select "Language".

2) Add or select a language

Then under "Preferred languages ​​» visible section on the right, choose ‘Add a preferred language".

Choose the language you want to add and click on the "Next& #39; button. You can use the search field provided to find the desired language faster.

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3) Install or remove the layout

Choose the language features you want to install. If you do not intend to install some of the linguistic features illustrated here, uncheck the box corresponding to these options and press the ‘key.install& #39; button.

Once installed, go to Windows display language section, select the language and choose ‘The options".

Then fromLanguage options"Who opens, choose"Add a keyboard".

Likewise, if you want to delete the layout, just go to Windows display language section again and select the layout. Hit the ‘Remove& #39; button.

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That's it! This way you can choose to add or remove the keyboard layout in Windows 10.

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