How to add Rolling Credits in PowerPoint presentation

How to add Rolling Credits in PowerPoint presentation

No creation is a solo effort! The collective power of the workforce is quite often required to complete a job on time. The least we can do is recognize their contribution. Microsoft Office offers a simple solution for this. Similar to film-type credits, PowerPoint allows users to credit multiple people who contribute in one way or another to your work. So let’s see how add sliding credits in PowerPoint.

Add mobile credits in PowerPoint presentation

If you’ve just finished an impressive PowerPoint presentation and want to pay tribute to the beautiful people who contributed to your PowerPoint presentation,

  1. Draw the text box
  2. Add animations to the text box
  3. Choose credits

The full exercise is simple and can be done in a few steps. Here’s how!

1]Draw the text box

Open your PowerPoint presentation, go to ‘Insert“And go to the”Text‘section.

There, press the button ‘Text zone“From the drop-down list and select”Draw a horizontal text box“.

When the cursor turns into an arrow, drag it to draw the text box.

2]Add animations to the text box

Align the box in the center or any desired location on the presentation.

Type the names of the contributors you wish to credit.

When finished, add animation to the text box. For that,

Click on the text box and go to ‘AnimationsThe “tab.

There, select the ‘Add animation“In” buttonAdvanced animation‘Group.

Add sliding credits to PowerPoint

When a drop-down menu appears on the screen, search for “More input effects“. It should be visible at the bottom of the menu.

3]Choose credits

Once found, select it to open the ‘Add an entry effect‘window.

Scroll down to “Exciting‘Group.

Here, choose ‘Credits“, Then press”Okay»To confirm your choice.

When finished, you will notice that the sliding credits animation is added to your PowerPoint presentation.

Switch to ‘Presenter’s viewTo see rolling credits in action.

That’s it!

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