How to Create Emoji Lock Screen on iPhone in iOS 16

Emoji lock screen

Starting with iOS 16, you can create emoji lock screens on iPhone! Fun patterns can be generated using your favorite smileys. All you have to do is add a new lock screen, use the Emoji theme and customize it to your needs.

How to Add Emoji Lock Screen

add emoji lock screen

  • 1. Long press on lock screen walk in Edit fashion.
  • 2. Press the + iconThe lower right corner.
  • 3. Select the emoji from the themes available under Add New Wallpaper.
  • 4. To input the smiley you want to use. You can choose up to 6 emojis.
  • 5. press outside on the keyboard to close it.
  • Point: iOS 16 also comes with preset Emoji lock screens which are available in the Add new wallpaper section, under Weather and astronomy.
    emoji lock screen presets

How to Customize Emoji Lock Screen

emoji lock screen patterns

  • 6. Next, swipe left to choose one of the five grids available: SMALL GRID, MEDIUM GRID, LARGE GRID, RINGS and SPIRAL.
  • seven. To adjust the background color, press the three points in the lower right corner, go to Background and modify if necessary.
  • 8. Don’t forget to add widgets. Tap on one of the two available sections: above or below the Clock and use the Add widget panel to select your looks.
    emoji lock screen widgets
  • 9. Adjust it Font color of the Clock, by pressing the current time.
  • ten. Finally, you can change the emojis by pressing the Smileysavailable in the lower left corner.
  • 11. Click on Do in the upper right corner to save emoji lock screen.
  • 12. Set as wallpaper pair Where Personalize the home screen.
  • blurry emoji wallpaper on home screen
    Point: I recommend you choose the second option or you will have a hard time distinguishing app icons on the home screen. You can select Original (with or without fall out), a selection Colora specificity Slope or an image you like Pictures. Faucet Do when ready.

How to Change Emoji Lock Screen

  • You can customize the lock screen at any time by long press it and entering Edit mode.
  • Tap Customize and make the desired changes.
  • Tap Done when ready.

Do you like the new Emoji lock screen options in iOS 16? Do you use them or do you prefer another theme? Do you have any questions. Use the comments section and share your comments.

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