How to disable Cortana from auto starting with Windows 10

Stop Cortana from auto-starting in Windows 10

Since its launch, Cortana – the digital assistant for Windows 10 has undergone significant changes. The functionality that was once preferred as part of the operating system has now become a standard Store app. As such, its startup behavior can be managed in the same way that users manage startup applications in Windows 10. This tutorial will help you activate or disable Cortana from automatic startup with Windows 10 2004 and later.

Prevent Cortana from starting automatically in Windows 10

When you choose to connect to Cortana with your Microsoft account, you can synchronize your data between all your devices, keep track of things that interest you, save your favorite places on your laptop or collect notifications from other devices .

If you have activated the “Cortana” application and wish to deactivate automatic startup each time Windows starts or starts, follow the steps below.

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to applications.
  • To choose Start
  • Disable the toggle option for Cortana.

Alternatively, you can choose to deactivate it via Applications and features settings and Task Manager as well as.

1]Disable Cortana via startup settings

Click on ‘Start“And choose”Settings

Then select “applications‘Tile. Choose ‘Start»Entrance from applications section.

Now just locate the ‘Cortana“And drag the cursor over”Of‘position.

2]Disable Cortana via application and feature settings

As above, go to ‘Settings’>‘applications“And instead of selecting”Start“Choose”Applications and features

Here, search for ‘Cortana‘Entrance.

Click on it to make the ‘Advanced options’Visible link.

Once seen, click on it and scroll down to ‘Runs on login

Flip the switch ‘Sure‘ at ‘Of‘position.

3]Disable Cortana via Task Manager

One of the ways you can turn off the Cortana app to start automatically with Windows 2004 is through Task Manager.

Launch Windows 10 Task Manager.

Click the ‘More details’From the drop-down menu at the bottom of the window.

Go to ‘StartThe “tab.

Locate the Cortana entrance. Once found, right click on the entry and select “disabled

So, via these three simple methods, you can disable Cortana autostart with Windows 10

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Prevent Cortana from starting automatically in Windows 10

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