How to disable "Do not cover the top of your phone" on Huawei?

In a competitive environment, smartphone manufacturers strive to provide the most comfortable conditions for the use of their devices. To do this, the developers have defined "Touch disable mode"and installed a proximity sensor on the front panel This would seem to be a very useful function: the sensor responds to objects in the immediate vicinity of the screen and off, which prevents accidental clicks. For example, when the smartphone is in user mode, the risk of erroneous operations is minimized.

However, not everyone liked this feature. Some users complain about a spontaneous screen lock and wish to disable it. Huawei's technical support for the question "How to hide the message "Do not cover the top of your phone"?"responds as follows:

You can disable this feature by following these steps: Go to "Settings" -> "Smart Support" -> "More" and turn off the "Touch Off Mode".

Nevertheless, it turned out that the switch responsible for the "mode of deactivation of touch" disappeared from the settings in EMUI 8. Support forums cover similar topics:

After updating Honor V10, the Touch Disable Mode option has disappeared from Smart Assistant. I do not want to touch annoying disabling warnings all the time. How can I disable this mode?

I'm using the P10 Plus and I can no longer find the setting for the touch disable mode. (I'm pretty sure it was there on the previous Android version)

How to disable the "touch disabling mode" without intelligent assistance?

  1. Download "Settings Database Editor" from Google Play Store;

  2. Open the app and scroll down to the "Touch Disable Mode" line;

  3. Change the value from 1 to 0.

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