How to disable Get even more out of Windows prompt in Windows 10

Disable Get even more out of Windows window on Windows 10

Microsoft wants to make sure everyone who uses Windows 10 knows they can get a lot more Windows. It can be services, additional features, etc. To do this, Windows 10 displays – Get even more Windows invites from time to time. It presents additional services such as Windows Hello, Office 365, Link a phone to a computer, OneDrive, etc. That said, if it annoys you, you can disable Get even more Windows prompt on Windows 10.

Get even more Windows It's not necessarily a bad thing. It is designed for users who have trouble discovering useful features on Windows 10. It can help users to configure these services. However, once you have seen enough, it becomes annoying. The window appears on multiple instances, including the new installation, after feature updates, and at random times.

Disable Get even more Windows in Windows 10

You can disable Get even more Windows in two ways:

  1. Notification and action settings
  2. Modification of the register

1) Disable via the app Settings

Disable Get Even More From Windows Window on Windows 10

  1. Go to Settings> System> Notifications and Actions
  2. Locate the check box that says, "Show me the Windows welcome experience after the updates and occasionally, when I log on to the culmination, news, and suggestions."
  3. Uncheck
  4. Close the Settings application.

This is the easiest way to do it because it does not involve any problem with which the user can badly get caught.

2) Disable via the registry

User Profile Engagement Register Settings

Before you begin with the instructions, be sure to create a restore point. This method is also useful when you want to change the settings of remote computers or multiple computers.

1) Open the Registry Editor by typing regedit in the Run prompt and confirm the UAC prompt. Then go to:

Computer HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion UserProfileEngagement

2) Then change the value of DWORD ScoobeSystemSettingEnabled at 0 if you want to disable the feature.

If DWORD is not there, right click on UserProfileEngagement and select New> DWORD Value (32-bit). Name it ScoobeSystemSettingEnabled.

If UserProfileEngagement does not exist, you will need to create UserProfileEngagement as good as ScoobeSystemSettingEnabled.

3) Restart the Windows 10 computer

We hope that the steps have been easy to follow and that you have been able to disable Get even more Windows under Windows 10.

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