How to Edit Videos using Google Photos App

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Probably the best gallery app for Android device, the Google Photos app managed to carve a name. Whether it is to provide unlimited free storage capacity (that is, if you download higher quality videos) or sync all your media files to different platforms, this application can do everything. Apart from this, its automatic classification of peoples, pets and places makes it extremely easy to search for objects. The ability to create collages, albums and animations is definitely the icing on the cake. But what many users do not know is the fact that it comes with its fair share of video editing capabilities. Let's see these features and how to use them to edit your videos with the help of the Google Photos app.

Before scrolling through the screen to discover the video editing capabilities of Google Photos, you should not miss a few tips and tricks from Google Photos to get the most out of this application.

Edit videos using the Google Photos app

In this guide, we'll look at some of the amazing editing features provided by Google Photos. Step by step instructions for performing these steps will also be provided. Features that will be discussed include:

  • Cut out videos in Google Photos
  • Stabilize a video
  • Rotate your video with Google Photos
  • Creating a movie in Google Photos
  • Sharing the created movie

That said, let's start now the guide on editing videos with the help of Google Photos. We will also examine in detail all the features mentioned above. If you use Google Photos as a gallery application, we offer 10 best alternatives for gallery applications.

If you wonder why the background of my screenshots is dark, know that I've turned on the dark mode in the Google Photos app.

How to cut a video using Google Photos

  1. Open the Google Photos App.
  2. Go to albums section.
  3. Select the Videos album.
  4. Tap the desired video of your video in google photos
  5. Click on edit icon at the bottom (see image above).
  6. Adjust the beginning and end portions of the slider to adjust the video to the desired length.
  7. Press on Save a copy located at the top right.

Stabilizing a video with the help of the application Photos

  1. Of Google Photos app, go to Album.
  2. Select the Video section and tap any video you need to stabilize.
  3. Press the edit icon at the bottom.
  4. If you want to stabilize a specific part of the video only, drag the slider between those parts. Otherwise, leave it as it is.stabilize video in google photos
  5. Click on Stabilize button. The process will begin and it may take some time depending on the size of the video and the processing capabilities of your device.
  6. Once done, simply press Save a copy to record the stabilized video.

Rotate your video with the Google Photos app.

  1. Go to Google pics app and select the Album Category.
  2. Under this category, select the Video album.
  3. Choose the video to be shot.
  4. As before, press the edit icon.rotate the video in google photos
  5. Select the Turn button located at the bottom right.
  6. This will rotate the video 90 degrees. You can press again Turn to rotate it 90 degrees.
  7. Finally, press save copy keep a copy of the video shot on your device.Video rotation function

How to create a movie in Google Photos

Until now, we have discussed the process of editing videos using the Google Photos app. But it also has another amazing feature that you may not know. You can even create a short film with a cool background music using this app. The procedure is quite simple, just follow the instructions below.

  1. Once you open the Google pics app, press the Assistant icon (the third icon in the bottom bar).
  2. Now click on the Movie option.
  3. You will have two options here:
    1. Select one of the predefined movies for which animations and background music have already been added. You just need to add your images and videos. Google will automatically create a movie for you.
    2. But if none of the movies fit your preference, you may want to have your own custom movie. Fortunately, there is an option for this too. Let's see how that could be done.
  4. To create your own custom movie, select the first option New movie.Create a new movie in google photos
  5. Select up to 50 photos / videos of your choice. When done, press the Create option.
  6. Then, adjust the slider according to the part of the video you want to include in your movie.
  7. Do the same thing for the pictures. This is necessary to select the screen time that you want to give each photo.
  8. Then you have to add music to your movie. Press the music note icon.
  9. You will have three options:
    1. my the music– add your own music.
    2. Theme the music– add music provided by Google.
    3. No music– a silent movie!
  10. Choose the desired option. Google offers many types of music in different genres, including dramatic, electronic, reflective, rocker and optimistic. Look at them.Add music to the movie in Google Photos
  11. Once you have chosen the desired music, simply press the button Check icon on the top right.
  12. Finally, click save.
  13. Congratulations! You have successfully created a movie with the Google Photos app. Go to the next section and see the instructions for sharing this movie with your friends.

Share your newly created movie

  1. Make sure the Google pics The application is operational.
  2. Go to the Albums section. Scroll through the albums present in the top bar until you reach the Movies album. You can also do the same thing by typing Movies in the field Search box.
  3. Long-press the movie you want to share and press the button Share icon.Share the edited video
  4. Although you can easily share the movie via WhatsApp, Gmail, etc., they do impose restrictions on the maximum size of the file that can be sent. Therefore, it is advisable to select the Create link option.
  5. Once the link is created, you can easily share it with any application of your choice.create a link to share videos

With this, we conclude the guide on how to edit videos with the help of the Google Photos app. Which of the above features do you think is most useful? In addition, if you have any questions regarding any of the steps, please let us know in the comments section below.

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