How to Enable Notification Snooze feature in Android 10

android 10 notification snooze
In this guide, we will see the steps to bring back the alarm reminder function in Android 10. Notifications are always at the top of my priority list. Even if I don't have time to open the app and check the content, I at least make sure to check the app notifications, if any. Well, almost all of you have to do the same. However, in some situations you may be busy enough and therefore you cannot get these notifications in this case. In these cases, it is best to repeat them later.

Android Pie handled it very well. All you had to do is swipe the notification left or right and you will be able to repeat them. However, when I tried to do the same on Android 10, there was only the Settings icon. But do not worry. Notification Snooze has not fully passed from Android 10. It has just been disabled by default. You can easily retrieve it simply by performing the few steps mentioned in this guide. Likewise, if you are having trouble receiving notifications on your device, refer to this guide to fix problem-free Android notifications.

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Activate the alarm reminder function in Android 10

As already mentioned, swiping any notification left or right in Android 10 reveals the possibility of Quiet these notifications or keep it at Alert fashion. By tapping the Settings icon further, you get to the notifications management menu of the app. However, there is no option to suspend notifications in this section, as shown in the screenshot below of WhatsApp notifications.

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repeating missing notification
No option to repeat notifications

It has now been moved to a completely different location and is disabled by default. Here are the steps to follow if you want to enable the notification reminder function in Android 10. On the other hand, refer to this guide to get the notification LED on Android devices with AMOLED screen.

The required steps

activate snooze notification

  1. Meeting on settings on your Android 10 device.
  2. Go to Applications and notifications and press Advanced.
  3. Below, activate the Allow repeating notifications to toggle.
  4. This is it. Now go ahead and swipe left or right on notifications. You should now be able to see the alarm reminder option on your Android 10 device. It will be present to the right of the Settings icon.
    period of time
    Alarm reminder option re-enabled
  5. Pressing it will automatically suspend the notification for 1 hour. However, you can also change this duration. To do this, tap the dropdown icon next to 1 hour. This will give you more time to choose. You can now select 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 2 hours, except the default of 1 hour.
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So these were the steps of repeating notifications on your Android 10 device. Stay with us for more of these Android 10 tips and tricks.

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