How to filter your Activity Feed in Microsoft Teams

How to filter your Activity Feed in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams activity feed is a great place to keep track of all of your important news and activities like your recent tastes, your responses and more. However, you can choose to filter your feed based on the type of notifications you want to appear. So find out how filter Microsoft Teams activity feed.

How to filter the activity flow of Microsoft Teams

If there is too much information in your Microsoft Teams activity feed, you can reduce clutter by filtering it. Here's how!

  1. Select the activity
  2. Select the filter option
  3. Choose the desired filter
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Please note that you can only see the most recent information if you filter by "Feed" or by "My activity" but if you filter by "Team activity", you can make visible all the messages shared by teams from the date of creation.

1) Select the activity

(Image source – support page)

Hit the ‘Activity(Visible as a bell icon) in the upper left corner of your computer screen to view your activity feeds.

2) Select the filter option

Now select the ‘Filtered"(Visible as a funnel) next to the" Flow "down arrow.

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3) Choose the desired filter

Now, from the menu that appears, choose what you want to see or what type of notifications you want to display, for example, @mentions.

When finished, press the "X" button to close the filter.

For a more specific flow, go to ‘Food"And select"My activity". You will see a list of everything you have done recently in Teams.

In order to avoid confusion, Microsoft attaches unique symbols to different types of notifications in your feed. This way you can browse your flow and prioritize things accordingly. See the picture above.

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The above method works for the Desktop and Mobile versions of Microsoft Teams. However, the image shown above is of the desktop version of Microsoft Teams.

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