How to Fix Driver Being Installed Is Not Validated for This Computer Error on Windows 10

How to Fix Driver Being Installed Is Not Validated for This Computer Error on Windows 10

Driver-related issues are common with the Windows operating system. While some Windows 10 users struggle with driver issues after installation, some are not even able to install drivers on their computers. If you notice an error message stating “The driver being installed is not validated for this computer” every time you try to install a driver on your Windows device, this article is for you.

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We would encounter this error mainly when trying to install an Intel graphics driver on a Windows computer. Interestingly, this problem is easily fixed. So you shouldn’t worry. Follow the solutions detailed in this guide to install the affected drivers on your computer without any complications.

Before moving on to the solution, you may want to take a minute to read why this error message appears when installing one or more drivers on your Windows computer.

What are the causes of this error

Well, you can spend hours trying to figure out the reason for this error. Sometimes you will hit a wall and be at the mercy of the component manufacturer. In short, the system of the PC or laptop manufacturer, with Windows, prevented the installation of this driver because something about this file was off. And to be honest, it’s for good reasons. Read on.

When a component manufacturer releases a new version of driver, it goes through a set of extensive tests within your PC manufacturer’s team to ensure that it works with different hardware configurations and the latest version of the Windows operating system. After the testing and validation process, the driver is available for download from the official website of your PC manufacturer.

Installing drivers directly from the component manufacturers’ site may crash or make your PC unstable. This is why PC manufacturers strongly recommend that you install a driver from their support site to avoid a system crash or other driver-related complications. Fortunately, now Microsoft has also stepped it up and pushed numerous hardware warfare-related driver updates via Windows Updates.

Now how do you solve this?

1. Get the driver from the PC manufacturer

As mentioned earlier, you might receive this error message because your PC manufacturer wants you to install this particular driver from their official website. Therefore, you will need to visit the Driver / Software / Download section of your PC manufacturer’s website and download the affected driver.

For context, if you are using a Dell computer or laptop, go to the Dell website, go to the Driver / Software / Download section of the website and search for the driver. Download and install on your computer or laptop and the error message should no longer appear.

Although this method is recommended, there are cases where the (driver version) you want is not yet available on the website of your PC manufacturer. Especially because it has not been tested and validated. In this case, you will have to wait for your PC manufacturer to complete the driver validation process and make the driver available for your computer.

If you can’t have such patience, go to method # 2 below to force the installation of the driver on your PC.

2. Forced installation driver

Fortunately, there is an easy way to work around the restriction that your PC manufacturer has in place and ultimately remove the error “ The driver being installed is not validated for this computer ”. You must manually install this driver via Device Manager on your PC. Here’s how.

Note: Before continuing, we strongly recommend that you make a backup of your driver. This will allow you to quickly restore the driver if something goes wrong after the installation process.

Step 1: Use the Windows + X keyboard shortcut to launch the Windows quick access menu. Select Device Manager.

2nd step: Double-tap Display Adapters to display the list of display / graphics drivers installed on your PC.

Step 3: Right-click the Intel graphics driver you want to install / update and select Update Driver.

Step 4: Then select “Browse my computer for driver software”.

Step 5: Select “Let me choose from a list of drivers available on my computer”.

Step 6: Press the “Have Disk …” button in the lower right corner of the driver update window.

This will open a new window where you will be prompted to choose the driver installation file on your computer.

Step 7: Press the Browse button.

Step 8: Now locate the directory where the driver is saved on your PC, select the driver and hit the Open button.

Step 9: Press OK to continue.

This should automatically start installing the driver in the selected folder. And that’s all; you have ignored the restriction responsible for the error “This driver being installed is not validated for this computer”.


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Last updated on June 29, 2020

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