How to fix notifications not working on iPhone in iOS 15

Notifications don’t work in iOS 15

Notifications not working on iPhone since update to iOS 15? Apps don’t trigger alerts unless you open them? New features like Focus or Scheduled Summary might block them if you accidentally activate them. Or, you might actually be dealing with a notifications bug!

No notification in iOS 15 – Report

Reader Abheet was the first to report this problem to us:

No notification publishes the update to iOS 15. No notification until the applications are opened individually!

How to fix notifications that are not working

iOS 15 revamps how notifications work on iPhone. Let’s check that your device is correctly configured:

1. Disable focus mode

how to turn off do not disturb in iOS 15

Focus is an extension of the old Do Not Disturb mode. It provides many other configurations that allow you to filter notifications by app and contacts.

If you’ve accidentally activated a focus mode, notifications might not appear on your iPhone. To check if a focus is enabled, open Control Center and see if a mode is enabled. Turn it off to start allowing notifications.

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Advice: You can also search Settings -> Debug -> [Focus name] and refine the People and applications in the Authorized notifications panel.

Tower: You can also easily tell when a Focus is activated by spotting its icon in the iPhone status bar!

2. Disable notification summary

how to turn off notification summary

Another new feature in iOS 15 that cannot result in any notification on iPhone is called Scheduled Summary:

  • Open Settings and search Notifications -> Scheduled summary.
  • Disable the Summary of notifications or delete summary apps you want to receive real-time notifications from!

Advice: Use the daily notification average to see which apps are the most active when it comes to alerts!

3. Restart the iPhone

If you have reached this step and notifications still not working in iOS 15, you need to restart your iPhone. A fresh start could eliminate any minor issues that could be causing this problem.

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How? ‘Or’ What: Use the force restart trick available here!

4. Reinstall applications

Then you can also unload and reinstall the apps that are facing the iOS 15 no-notification bug:

  • To research Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage.
  • Press the application that you want to delete.
  • Use the Download the application option. This will allow you to save the documents and data of this application and restore them automatically when you reinstall it.
  • Press on Reinstall and be patient.

Notifications silenced when iPhone is unlocked!

while iphone is locked not available in iOS 15

iOS 15 comes with another big behavior change when it comes to notifications. If you are a fan of Do not disturb, be aware that notifications are now disabled even if the device is unlocked.

The “When iPhone is locked” The Do Not Disturb option is no longer available, which means you can either receive notifications all the time or silence them for the home and lock screen.

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Are you having trouble with notifications in iOS 15? Are you affected by the no notifications bug? What do you think of the new Focus feature? Use the comments section and let us know!

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