How to Fix Setup was Unable to Create a New System Partition Error

setup was unable to create a new system partition error

Are you facing problems when creating a new system partition, it’s irritating, I know what it does, well this guide is for you to know how to fix the installation could not create a new system partition error

The Windows operating system is one of the most common operating systems which is widely used. It is user friendly and very easy to use. But sometimes, due to hardware issues, the installer could not create a new system partition error.

When you try to install the Windows operating system using an external USB drive, this error can occur because the operating system cannot find the location of the boot drive. This can appear when you encounter the error.

In this article, I will show you some methods to fix the installation failed to create a new system partition error on your PC.

What is a system partition error?

When a user tries to install the Windows operating system via an external USB drive, the operating system may sometimes fail to find the boot drive and fail to create the partition for the system files. This error is hardware and varies depending on the motherboard, Windows version, type of USB or CD that you use to install Windows on your PC.

What is causing the “Installer could not create a new system partition” error?

The partition error is hardware. The error occurs when your Windows operating system cannot find the disk on which it should install the partition. One of the main reasons for the error is

  • The use of USB will have a large storage capacity– When you use USB drives to install Windows on your PC with a high storage capacity, the operating system cannot identify which drive is external storage and which drive is a local drive. In this dilemma, the operating system fails to create the partition in a drive to install and the error is displayed.

How to fix “the configuration could not create a new system partition error”?

Here I will show you some methods to fix partition error on your PC. Follow the methods mentioned below to correct the error.

1. Manual creation of a partition using the command prompt.

Note: Make sure external hard drives are unplugged before trying this method.

  • Go to Start and type cmd
  • The command prompt will occur. Now right click on it and click on the Run this as administrator option.
  • After opening the command prompt, type ‘diskpart“And hit enter
  • Then type ‘list disc“. This will display all the disks available for your PC’s operating system.
  • Type now “Select disk 0” or any other disk on which you want to install your operating system and press Enter.
  • Type “clean’ to completely clean the selected drive where your operating system will be installed.
  • After cleaning the selected drive, enter “VSrecreate the primary partition size-10000 ′ and hit enter
  • Type now fast fs = ntfs format and hit enter.
  • Then type ‘attribute’ and press Enter, then type “active’ and hit enter.


  • And at the end of the type ‘exit’ to get out of diskpart setting.

You have now created a new partition manually.

To copy system files from USB or CD, follow the steps below

  • type cd e:(name of the player whose CD player is named)
  • Next, to copy the files from the CD to the newly created partition type copy e: c: / e / h / k.
  • This will start copying the files from CD to drive C. After copying, enter exit and restart your PC.

Windows will now start the installation and you will have the option to create a partition.

2. Eject and insert the USB or CD

Sometimes Windows fails to identify the local drive and the external USB drive to create a partition. So when this happens, the error occurs. Reinserting the USB stick or CD can therefore solve the problem.

Follow the given steps-

  • When you are in this window, remove the USB key from the PC


  • Now insert the USB key and click on Refresh
  • Now check whether the partition error is corrected or not

3. Configure SATA mode on IDE

SATA drives are newer than the IDE, so sometimes the old system cannot recognize it as a local drive. So changing the SATA mode to IDE will ensure that the system can recognize it as a local drive.

So to do so, follow the steps

  • Restart your PC.
  • When it starts to display a message like “Press f2 to enter the BIOS” then press f2 ASAP to enter BIOS mode.
  • Look for options that say Advanced or Integrated Devices and use the arrow keys to navigate and press Enter
  • Now navigate to Storage configuration and check the option “Configure SATA as ’ and select IDE as an option and press Enter.
  • Now press ESC and go to the main menu. Save the changes and restart your PC.

This will boot your computer with a SATA drive as an IDE for the system to recognize it as a local drive. These methods should therefore correct the error.

4. Use CD installation instead of USB

Since the configuration cannot identify the local drive and the external USB device, try installing Windows from a CD. This will allow the system to differentiate the local disk from the CD and the error will be corrected. Remove all connected USB devices before trying this method.


These are the possible ways in which you can resolve the installer was unable to create a new system partition Mistake. I hope you were able to clearly understand and perform the steps to correct the error.

If the issue is not resolved, or if you are having difficulty understanding or performing any of the steps, please feel free to comment below.

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