How to force users to change Account Password at next Login in Windows 10

Force users to change Account Password at next Login

Windows 10 has many outstanding security features, including Windows Defender, biometric authentication, the Microsoft Security Compliance Toolkit, and Windows Update. But, even with all these features in action, a computer system can still be defenseless against unauthorized access if the user continues to use the same old password for a long time.

Although users can change their password at any time, it is also necessary to configure the operating system to periodically request a password change. You can force a password change on Windows 10 quite easily. One of the most common methods is to use the Group Policy Editor, which allows you to set a specific number of days after which the user account password periodically expires.

But this security hack does not offer immediate action. What happens in cases where a system has multiple users and one of the user's passwords is hacked? You can not wait for Group Policy settings to prompt users to change the password with immediate effect. In such a case, the Advanced user account settings This tool can help you because it allows you to immediately force the user to change the password of the account at the next login. This guide will guide you step by step to force users to change the password of their account when you search for quick action.

Force users to change the account password the next time they sign in

Follow the steps below:

1) Open the "The Start menu"

2) Search "netplwiz"And click on the result to open theAdvanced User Management Tool. '

3) Go to theAdvanced & #39; in the Advanced User Management tool and click the buttonAdvanced & #39; button.

Force users to change the account password the next time they sign in

4) This action will open the "Local user management tool"

Change the password of the account

5) Open 'Folder Users'And look for the user account for which you want to reset the password

6)Right click"And select the"Properties & #39; option

7) Select the "User must change password at next logon"Appearing in the user properties window

8) Save the changes by clicking on the buttonApply & #39; and & #39;D & #39; accord & #39; buttons

9) Configuration completed!

The next time the specific target user tries to connect to his system, Windows will display a message – "The password of the user must be changed before the connection.'Forcing them to change the password immediately.

By clicking & #39;D & #39; AGREEMENT & #39; Windows will ask you the old and the new password. Once the user has successfully entered the required fields, Windows will allow him to login to his system with the new password.

Please note that this method only works for local user accounts.

Forcing users to change their password on Windows is very simple. But again, it is a manual and effective procedure only in case of danger for which a rapid intervention is imperative.

Users must change their password periodically. The use of the Group Policy Editor with the expiration rules works well because they apply to all users and user groups. These settings ensure that the user account password is never too old, which reduces the risk and exposure to security threats.

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