How to Get Notification Summary on iPhone in iOS 15

how to get notification summary on iphone in ios 15

Summary of notifications on iPhone running iOS 15.

In iOS 15, you can get notification summary on iPhone. This allows your iOS device to aggregate non-urgent notifications and display them in a summary, on the lock screen at scheduled times. You can set up one or more daily notification summaries, without missing important items. Time sensitive calls, direct messages and notifications will go through any time of the day!

How to activate the summary of notifications

how to activate the summary of notifications

At the time of writing, Notification Summary is not enabled by default in iOS 15. Follow these steps to configure it:

  • Open Settings and press Notifications.
  • Go for Scheduled summary.
  • Tap the switch next to Scheduled Summary to turn it on At.
  • If this is your first time doing this, iOS 15 Notification summary splash screen is posted. Read the details and press Carry on.
  • how to configure the summary of notifications

  • Choose applications for your summary: select the applications you want to include in the scheduled summary. Tap Add x applications when it’s ready.
  • Define a program: choose when you want to receive the notification summary.
    Advice: If you want to have more than one per day, use the Add summary option.
  • Press on Enable notification summary and review the current configuration in Settings.

How to edit apps in the notifications summary

If you reconsider your decision and want to remove or add an app to the notification summary, you can easily change it in Settings. Search Notifications -> Scheduled summary -> Applications summary and make the desired changes.

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Made: You can also easily change the frequency of the notification summary. In the same Settings screen, press Deliver the summary and choose how often you want to get the summary. You can choose from once a day (1 time) twelve times a day (12x). Summaries are also tagged by time of day: Morning Summary, Evening Summary, etc.

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How to read the summary of notifications

– The summary of the notification becomes available on the Lock screen at its scheduled delivery time.
– The number of notifications contained in the summary is displayed in the upper right corner. Tap it to display all notifications in a magnified view.
– The most important notifications are displayed in the foreground of the summary. Notifications are grouped by application.
– Tap the thumbnail of a notification to open the app in question and examine it in detail.

Advice: The summary of the notification remains available in the Notification center. To view it later, simply swipe up from the top left corner of your iPhone screen to reveal it. You can also preview upcoming summaries!

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What do you think of the iOS 15 Notification Summary feature? Do you plan to use it? Or do you prefer to filter notifications with Focus? Use the comments section to share your comments!

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