How To Get US Bank Account And Virtual Credit Card For Cashout Method ,

Get Bank Account
It is not advisable to use the details of your actual bank account to make this transfer. You need false bank details. This is a very simple way to get bank details inside and outside the United States. Suppose you are not in the United States, but if you are in the United States, you should avoid first steps.

1. Go to any dropper service and get a virtual usa address, this will serve as your own residence address in the United States even though you are not physically in the United States. any item or sent to this address will be returned to your actual address in your country. NOTE: You need this address to activate the ATM card attached to the bank account.
2. Get Fullz USA information such as SSN number and date of birth and go to and open an account using the SSN details you get. Once your has been verified, the ATM card attached to the bank details has been sent to your US residential address, which means that you must use the address you received from the bank account. shipping service. After the card has arrived at your fall, you just need to re-ship your real address to your country. You now have a bank account with your debit ready.
This account you can use it for cashing with any paypal transfer or moneygram or wupay .. and much more lol ..

If you want to get from there Money back all Note: The merchant account will allow you to charge money from the cards you buy and then transfer to your bank account. Since you do not have an online store and you do not sell anything, you will have to go through fundraising sites, using their own merchant account. Now log on to, create an account with them and create a campaign with them, if you do not know how to set up the campaign, go to and copy any campaign of your choice. Now your campaign is set up and ready to receive funds.

Generate money and make the transfer
You are now ready to get there. This step shows how to generate the $$$. uy any card of your choice, after purchasing your cards, take note of the country, city and credit card address. Connect your vpn to the country of the map, after that, use your socks 5 to connect to the city of the map. Suppose you bought a USA card and the city is Rochester in New York, all you have to do is connect your vpn to NEW YORK, USA, then connect your 5 socks to NEW YORK, ROCHESTER. Once you are logged in, it would seem to the credit card company that it is the real owner of the card that carries out the transactions. Now go to your campaign page and click DONATE, this will take you to a secure payment page, enter the card details and submit. The card will be charged and the money will go directly to your account on
NOTE: Do not charge more than $ 200 on a card, suppose you buy ten credit cards and charge each card $ 200 times 10, you discover that you earn $ 2,000 a day
Withdrawing your money on your bank account
On your campaign account, you will see all the money that you have debited from the credit card live on the account, now on your cpanel, navigate to the same account. where you see WITHDRAW, click on it. He will then redirect you to the page where you will create an account with wepay. Use the bank details you obtained from to set up your wepay account. Once your wepay account has been established, go back to and click on Withdraw, your $ 2,000 account will appear instantly in your Wepay account.
NOTE: We pay $ 2,000 to the account details you provide us within two to three business days.
After receiving the money in the bank account, you can now log in to and transfer the money online to another bank account or you can withdraw the money using your debit card or you can send money via money gram from your cpanel. You can send the gram of noney to yourself or to any body and then, go shopping and pick up.

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